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What is the most important factor in choosing a school for advanced practice in nursing? The quality of the faculty, of course. At Belmont, you will find experienced professionals and teachers, experts in nursing and healthcare delivery.


  • Faculty Profiles
  • Linda Wofford
    Linda Wofford
    Director of Graduate Nursing Studies and Professor
    DNP University of Kentucky; MSN University of Virginia; BSN University of Mississippi
    Location: Inman Center 104
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  • Erin Shankel
    Erin Shankel
    FNP Coordinator and Assistant Professor
    DNP Belmont University; MSN Vanderbilt University; BA (Biology) Greenville College
    Location: Inman Center 109
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  • Martha Buckner
    Martha Buckner
    Associate Dean of Nursing and Professor
    PhD (Higher Education Leadership) Touro University International; MSN (Adult Health) Vanderbilt University; BSN Western Kentucky University
    Location: Inman Center 101
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  • Steven Busby
    Steven Busby
    Associate Professor
    PhD (Nursing with Homeland Security Nursing Specialty Graduate Certificate) University of Tennessee; MSN (FNP) University of South Alabama; BSN Troy University; AS (EMS Education and Nursing) Hillsborough Community College
    Location: Inman Center 202A
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  • Kathryn Dambrino
    Kathryn Dambrino
    Assistant Professor
    DNP Belmont University; BSN University of Mississippi Medical Center
    Location: Inman Center 335
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  • Lisa Germano
    Lisa Fisher Germano
    Graduate Clinical Placement Coordinator
    MSN Belmont University; BSN Belmont University; BS (Biology) University of Akron
    Location: Inman Center 102D
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  • Jeannie Giese
    Jeannie Giese
    Associate Professor
    DNP Vanderbilt University; Post-Masters FNP Belmont University; MSN Vanderbilt University; BSN Tennessee Technological University
    Location: Inman Center 203D
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  • Laura Gray
    Laura Gray
    Assistant Professor
    Location: Inman Center 304
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  • Elizabeth Morse
    Elizabeth Morse
    Assistant Professor
    DNP Vanderbilt University School of Nursing; MSN (Family Nurse Practitioner) Vanderbilt University School of Nursing; MPH London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    Location: Inman Center 105A
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  • David Phillippi
    R. David Phillippi
    PhD (Mathematics) University of Tennessee; MS (Mathematics) University of Tennessee; BS (Mathematics) University of Tennessee
    Location: Inman Center 302A
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  • David Wyant
    David Wyant
    Assistant Professor of Management
    PhD (Health Services Research Policy and Administration) University of Minnesota; MBA (Finance) Ohio State University; MA (Economics and International Trade) Ohio State University; BA (German & Russian) University of Oregon; BA (Economics & History) University of Oregon
    Location: Barbara Massey Hall 246
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  • Administrative Staff
  • Mackenzie Mathews
    Program Assistant
    Location: Inman Center 106
  • Lauren Lauzon
    Lauren Lauzon
    Assistant Director of Admissions
    MEd (Higher Education Administration) Georgia Southern University; BA (Biology) Agnes Scott College
    Location: Freeman Hall
  • Bill Nichols
    Bill Nichols
    Director of Admissions
    MA (Mass Communication) Emerson College; BA (Communications) Eastern Nazarene College
    Location: Freeman Hall
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  • College Administration
  • Cathy Taylor
    Cathy Taylor
    DPH University of Alabama at Birmingham; MSN University of Tennessee; BSN University of Alabama Huntsville; BS Middle Tennessee State University
    Location: Inman Center 301
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  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown
    Associate Dean
    PhD (Human Development and Communication - Neuroscience) University of Texas at Dallas; MS (Physical Therapy-Neurologic Rehabilitation) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BS (Physical Therapy) Daemen College
    Location: Inman Center 302B
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  • Logan McGuire
    Logan McGuire
    Budget Manager
    BS (Liberal Studies) Belmont University
    Location: Inman Center 302A
  • Sandy Dowling
    Sandy Dowling
    Assistant to the Dean
    BS Oklahoma Christian University
    Location: Inman Center 301
Graduate Nursing
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