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Careers in Exercise Science

What can you do with a degree in Exercise Science?

This is a question we often hear from prospective students and their parents. Our Exercise Science majors fall into two major categories: those who are planning on graduate studies or beginning a career immediately after graduating. A degree in Exercise Science is excellent preparation for numerous careers and positions in health and fitness such as:

Physical Therapy

A Physical therapist is a licensed health care professional who helps patients reduce pain, prevent disability, and improve or restore mobility, usually without the use of surgery.

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational therapist is an accredited health care professional who treats injured, ill, or disabled patients improving their ability to perform daily living activities.

Personal Training

As Personal Trainers, students will create customized exercise plans to attain clients’ goals, teach clients correct technique, motivate and keep them accountable as well as show clients how to have fun with a workout.

Corporate Wellness

Includes positions as Wellness Consultants, Wellness Administrators or Coordinators, and Wellness Program Specialists.

Strength and Conditioning

Possible positions as Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Independent Personal Trainers, or Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Campus Recreation

Positions as Directors of Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation Program Managers or Program Directors, and Therapeutic Recreation Coordinators.

Health Promotion

Positions include being Health Coaches, Public Health Educators, and Health Navigators.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
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