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Internal vs. External

The Belmont University campus boasts a wide variety of event spaces that may be utilized by both internal and external clients for a variety of events. 


All requests to reserve event space on campus must be submitted through the Virtual EMS system. While it is highly encouraged that requests be submitted as far in advance as possible, all requests for space must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event date due to limited space, equipment, and staffing for events. In order to be approved, submitted requests must include all relevant booking details, including A/V equipment needs and the amount and setup configuration of any tables and chairs.

Reservation requests are then reviewed by the University’s Master Scheduler, according to University established rules and the Office of Event Services Policy and Procedure Manual. When necessary, requests may be sent to Senior Leadership for further discussion before final approval in order to ensure that they align with the University’s mission and values.

Once approved, reservations are confirmed in EMS and the requester will receive a confirmation email from the Office of Event Services that details their reservation and event setup needs. If necessary, an Event Services Coordinator will contact the requester for further planning in regards to the event and space. Should an event request be denied, the requester will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the request and to make alternative arrangements.

Additionally, reservations for the following require the submission of a separate request form or process. Click each line to view more information or to view and complete that particular form.

External Film Request Form
Filming On Campus Request Form
Food Trucks Request Form
Outside Food & Beverage Request Form
Table Request Policy
Waived & Reduced Rent Request Form
Wedding Reservation Request Form

Please contact the Director of University Scheduling & Conference Services or call (615) 460-6786 with questions regarding these guidelines.


To be classified as external event, the program, meeting, or event must be an initiative of a private company, a non-profit organization, or an individual where the audience consists primarily of guests external to the University. To request a reservation, external constituents seeking to host an event on Belmont’s campus should contact the Director of University Scheduling & Conference Services or call (615) 460-6786 for information on availability and pricing.

More information regarding the procedures for reserving event space on campus, can be found in Section III Office of Event Services Policy and Procedure Manual.