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Message from the Dean



I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Education at Belmont University. We are happy that you are here, and we are thankful for your interest in our programs.  If you are a prospective student, an alumnus, or a friend or colleague of the College of Education, I think you will find useful and helpful information on this web site.  And, if you have additional questions, please contact us!

Pursuing a degree in education is a rewarding journey which leads to a very fulfilling career.  A career in education can enable you to serve others at any age, in many subjects, and in many venues.  Educators are some of the most important persons in our lives, from early childhood.  Many persons regard a career in education as a “calling”, knowing that they are committed to serving others and making a difference in the lives of children as well as adults.  Belmont’s education programs are led by those who have answered that calling.  You will find that our teaching, mentoring and guidance will prepare you well.  Our undergraduate and graduate programs have been designed with you in mind, and will equip you with the tools you will need to be an effective educator.  We work to create and expand program offerings to align with the challenges and opportunities of 21st Century classrooms in Tennessee and across the U.S.

Currently, the College of Education offers several program options for undergraduate students:

  • An Education Minor is an option for students who are interested in learning about the field of education but who are not pursuing teaching licensure through the College of Education.
  • An Education Major is an option for students who want to gain licensure as an undergraduate. In addition to an education major, students on this path have a second major in another academic area.
  • The 4+1 Program is a popular option for many of our undergraduate students. On this path, students complete an education minor as an undergraduate; this is the “4” in the 4+1. Then after completing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, students return for the Master of Arts in Teaching program (the “+1” part).  It is important to note that students on this path must apply and be accepted to our graduate program to complete the “+1” portion. 

 Our licensure programs prepare aspiring teachers for classrooms in early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school settings. Please see the undergraduate and graduate catalog for more information.

Once again, welcome!

Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr., Dean, College of Education