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What sets Belmont in Hollywood apart from other internship programs?

student produced

Director & Editor - Jacob Samuels
Producer - Dan Fite Jr.
AD - Mary Ganser
DP - Luke Sacksteder, Caroline Pabst, Jacob Samuels, & Dan Fite Jr.
Sound - Davie Marchant

Most internship programs will find you a place to stay after you find the internship. Belmont in Hollywood helps our students get their internships. Our internship coordinator in Los Angeles, Selise Eiseman, was Special Projects Executive at the Directors Guild of America for eight years, and she knows everybody. Selise and the Motion Pictures faculty's connections in Hollywood run deep and we can secure internships at a much higher level than a student can get on their own.  That is an incredibly valuable advantage.

The process begins in October when Selise and Department Chair Will Akers host a "Meet and Greet" where Belmont in Hollywood alumni share their internship experiences and answer your questions. Applications go out following the event, and you will be notified before the December break if you've been accepted into the program.

In the spring, at a two-weekend boot camp, we teach you how to do script coverage and what it takes to stand out as a superb intern.

While you are interning in Los Angeles, Selise coordinates events like John Williams conducting a full orchestra playing the STAR WARS score at the Hollywood Bowl, the CineGear Expo at Paramount, and a post-production audio tour of Universal with discussions with the best sound mixers in the business. Our interns attend screenings at the Directors Guild, seminars with top writers at the Writers Guild, Dodgers games, special screenings and Q&A sessions at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences... plus Disneyland!

You can take online courses like Junior Cornerstone or Third Year Writing, as well as an in-person course like Writing for Television. Belmont in Hollywood hosts Wednesday night dinners where students speak to industry professionals like the director of THE OFFICE pilot, the VP of Drama for CBS, and an executive at the Directors Guild of America.

Each summer, Will goes to Los Angeles to see how our students are doing, visit the employers, and learn how to improve the program. Over and over, the feedback we receive is that our interns are extremelywell prepared.

Experience shows that an internship can speed up your career by as much as three years. After graduation, your reputation as a top-flight intern and the depth of your contact list will set you apart from your peers.

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