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Daily Symptom Tracker FAQ

Belmont’s Health Services team has made it simple to report symptoms or positive cases of COVID-19. 

All active students, faculty and staff who have not received their "COVID-19 Vaccinated" status in Belmont's Health Portal will be asked to complete a daily self-screening for symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19. Vaccinated persons will not be required to fill out the Symptom Tracker on a daily basis (and will not receive daily reminders), but should us the Symptom Tracker to report symptoms, if present, to Health Services. Those who are required to fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker daily will receive email and optional text reminders to complete the form every morning. The Symptom Tracker process is HIPAA and FERPA privacy and security compliant. 

FAQ for Daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

  • How often will I receive the daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker email and text?
  • Can I control what time I receive my daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker reminder?
  • How do I sign up for a daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker text reminder?
  • Can I opt-out of the e-mail and text daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker reminder?
  • Why didn’t I receive my morning COVID-19 Symptom Tracker e-mail?
  • Can I access the daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker link anywhere else besides the link sent in the e-mail or text?
  • If I stay at home on a particular day but come to campus on other days, is the daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker still required?