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There are many paths students can follow to find exciting careers in the Music Industry. The Commercial Music major prepares you for a vast array of career opportunities by providing an important musical foundation, introductory general information concerning the music industry, and specific information that addresses multi-faceted commercial music career options. The following are different paths, or emphasis areas, provided for pursuing and customizing a career in the Commercial Music Industry at Belmont University. For students who are interested in education beyond the undergraduate level, Belmont is one of the few schools in the country that also offers an accredited Master of Music in Commercial Music degree with an emphasis in Performance or Media Composition and Arranging.


Performance Emphasis

The student pursuing this emphasis may choose to perform on stage, on the road, or in the studio concentrating on any genre including country, pop, contemporary Christian, Jazz, Bluegrass, and more. Students focus on specific coursework to prepare for a performance career. Many students find this emphasis helpful in pursuing his/her own recording project.


Songwriting Emphasis

Students pursuing the Songwriting emphasis are engaged in performing similar to the other emphases but also concentrate on the creation of new original songs that include lyrics, instrumental accompaniment, and often demo recordings. Instruction from award-winning Nashville songwriters is a true advantage for students interested in Songwriting.


Music Business Emphasis

Belmont’s location in Nashville – “Music City” gives the student interested in the Music Industry a true advantage. There are many exciting careers in the music industry including tour promotion and management, publishing, copyright, artist development/A&R and others that students in this emphasis explore. The students in this emphasis are talented performers and choose this emphasis to expand his/her knowledge of the music industry to help find career opportunities including internships that are uniquely available in the Nashville area.


Composition and Arranging Emphasis

The area of composing and arranging has expanded to many new and exciting opportunities beyond writing for orchestras, choirs, bands, and other music organizations. Today’s composers and arrangers have new options that include film scoring, gaming, ring tones, and much more. All students choosing this emphasis are talented performers but also find interest in composing and arranging music for a variety of settings. Students find that studying the coursework in this emphasis adds a new set of skills to his/her performing abilities that allow her/him to perform and write music for horns, strings, BGVs, as well as contracting players in each area. He/she becomes a valuable asset in the studio or on live performance opportunities.


Music Technology Emphasis

Today’s musician often interacts with various music technology options in the creation of his/her music. The use of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and “cloud-based” music libraries have opened many new possibilities for the music professional. The true distinction of this emphasis is the use of software as your instrument. The student choosing this emphasis is a talented performer and uses the ever changing and improving music technology options to enhance his/her creation and performance of her/his music. This emphasis explores many technology options to enhance songwriting, composition and arranging, performance, and publishing. Students are given access to state of the art DAW and challenged to explore the expanding possibilities creating music enhanced by technology.


Potential Career Options in Commercial Music

  • Performing in a touring band or as a solo artist
  • Working as studio musician
  • Composer/arranger for television, film, and video games
  • Singer/songwriter of original material