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Photo of adults in Tennessee Arts Academy shirts clapping.

Tennessee Arts Academy Credit

The Tennessee Arts Academy, a program of the Tennessee Department of Education has been held annually since 1987 on the campus of Belmont University. For 2021, TAA will be an online, virtual event. Options of two (2) or three (3) hours of undergraduate credit, or one (1) or two (2) hours of graduate credit through Belmont are available to TAA participants (i.e., to teachers who apply to TAA, are accepted by TAA, who submit all required materials/fees, and who participate fully in the full Academy week). 

Cost for Academic credit through Belmont University is in addition to cost for the Tennessee Arts Academy participation.

Information regarding specific requirements (including deadline for submission of requirements) for each level of credit in each arts area is available on the syllabus for University Credit through Tennessee Arts Academy.

Tennessee Arts Academy dates: July 10-15, 2022


The deadline for Academic credit sign up is June 30, 2022.


1. Complete Online TAA Academic Credit Pre-Registration.

2. Download Belmont University Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Application

3. Mail [to address below] the following:

  • Completed BU Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Application (see #2 above)
  • $25 non-refundable enrollment deposit (made payable to Belmont University)
  • Official (unopened) copy of undergraduate transcript* from the college that granted the undergraduate degree

Belmont University Admissions
1900 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN  37212

*It is often easier to ask the undergrad institution to mail your official undergrad transcript directly to the address above. Be sure to tell her you’re applying for academic credit for Tennessee Arts Academy.

4.  Dr. Jeff Kirk will email more instructions in July. Payment and offical registration details for academic credit will be communicated at that time.

For questions about Academic credit for Tennessee Arts Academy, please contact Dr. Jeff Kirk,, Academic Credit Coordinator.


$270 per graduate hour
$200 per undergraduate hour

NOTE:  Cost for Academic credit through Belmont University is in addition to cost for the Tennessee Arts Academy.