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World Percussion Ensemble

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World Percussion Ensemble, directed by Mr. Todd London.

World Percussion Ensemble is an exciting new ensemble designed to explore percussion music from around the world. Primarily comprised of percussion majors from the School of Music, the ensemble aims to expose students to the widely diverse sounds of world percussion. From the steel drum sounds of Trinidad to the dance rhythms of West Africa, performers in the World Percussion Ensemble have the opportunity to learn about the instruments and techniques of a variety of musical cultures. As a result of this global exploration of percussion music, students also gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural traditions that drive the music-making process in so many places around the world. The ensemble performs a concert on campus each semester in addition to a variety of off-campus functions throughout the year.

Any student enrolled at Belmont who has a background in percussion performance and music-reading skills is eligible to participate in the ensemble. Instructor permission is required for those students who are not percussion majors.

Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 4:30pm - 6:00pm. This course offers one hour of ensemble credit.

Music director: Mr. Todd London, Belmont University. If interested in ensemble participation, please contact Mr. London at 615-460-6348 or via email at