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Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers

The Belmont University Chamber Singers is comprised of about 20+ individuals from many backgrounds: Vocal Performance, Music Education, Music Business, Commercial Music, Instrumentalists, Theatre, Religion, Art, and English Literature. The members of Chamber Singers are chosen by audition. 

The ensemble rehearses each Tuesday and Thursday.  The singers sit in a circle and have never used the piano as a reference during their practice.  A tuning fork is distributed to each member of the ensemble.  The use of the tuning forks has made a marked difference in the singer’s ownership of their participation in the endeavor of music making.

Repertoire for this ensemble is found in the vast compliment of unaccompanied choral music, again for reasons that seem to suit the rehearsal atmosphere and it also allows us to sing in most any environment.  The conductor of Chamber Singers chooses to participate along side of the singers in the circle and to guide them toward helping to shape the sound and character of the ensemble.  Everyone has a stake in the outcomes and may be rewarded equally in pride with the current product. 

Music director: Dr. Deen Entsminger, Belmont University. He may be contacted at 615-460-8207.

Audition required.