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Matt Rhea

Matt RheaA Nashville native, Matt graduated from Belmont University in 2011 with a degree in music Education, studying saxophone with Rahsaan Barber. After a few years of teaching and performing, Matt moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a Master of Music Degree in Saxophone Pop Performance from the Leeds Conservatoire. After finishing this degree in 2014, Matt came back to Nashville to continue his music career.

Matt joined the faculty at Belmont University in 2015 and continues to freelance around Nashville, performing in pit-orchestras, recording sessions, as well as pop, rock, and jazz bands and runs his own music coaching business, Do Rhea Mi Music Coaching. He also enjoys reading comics, watching baseball, and going on outdoor adventures with his wife.

Matt believes that everyone can learn and wants his classroom to an open-minded, creative environment where musicians at any level can explore and discover something new about themselves through their personal music journey.

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