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Post-Graduate Fellowships and Opportunities

For students thinking about their “next steps” after graduation, below is a list of prestigious fellowships and opportunities available to you in which you can utilize your Belmont education in practical, hands-on ways around the world. We welcome you to review the options below and to reach out to the designated campus contact for more information.

Fulbright Student Awards

The Fullbright Student Awards funds students to study, conduct research, or teach English at any of 140 countries.

  • Awards are for recent graduates and alumni and typically last for 9 months
  • Applicants must apply to specific opportunities in specific countries, but opportunities include areas of the arts, independent research, graduate study, and teaching English
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Ellen Zinkiewicz 

Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall Scholarship funds students seeking a graduate level degree at a UK institution in any field of study.

  • One and two-year awards are available and cover travel, university, research, and book costs, as well as living expenses
  • Available for graduate study at any UK University and in any field of study
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Ellen Zinkiewicz

James C Gaither Junior Fellows Program

The James C Gaither Junior Fellows Program is a one-year fellowship at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for recent graduates.

  • Junior Fellows are assigned to Carnegie Senior Scholars and work on issues such as Conflict and Governance, Sustainability, and Geopolitics
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Gary Boling

Boren Awards

The Boren Awards is primarily for students looking to enhance their language skills in a language deemed critical to the U.S. national security and public service. 

  • Award is for a current undergraduate or graduate student to study abroad overseas to help increase language fluency. Language study must be a core piece of the study abroad program.
  • Study abroad program is expected to be 1-2 semesters, but at minimum 12 weeks.
  • There is a federal service requirement tied to this scholarship in which you need to work in the federal government for at least a year and have a long-term interest at the time of application.
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Shauna Walsh


Lumos is an award specific to Belmont students interested in pursuing volunteer opportunities abroad within their field of study to learn more about themselves and their passions.

  • Must be a current undergraduate student between 18-26 years old.
  • Ideally, project will occur after graduation and will take place for 3 months to 2 years.
  • Students independently identify and vet a non-profit organization that they would like to work at and construct a realistic budget on what their project will cost. Application is very extensive, but award could cover the total cost of the proposed project.
  • Fall application deadline is November 1st and the spring application deadline is April 1st.
Belmont campus contact for more information: Shauna Walsh

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a Government award to promote peace and friendship by sending volunteers abroad to work in communities needing trained workers. 

  • Most Peace Corps Volunteers have a 2 year commitment, in addition to 3 months of training.
  • Opportunities exist for Peace Corps Response Volunteers for 3-12 month commitments.
  • Language and skill requirements vary depending on location and can be taught during the 3 month training period.
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Shauna Walsh

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship is a government sponsored award funds students for 3 years during graduate training

  • Seniors aiming to pursue a masters or doctoral degree in an NSF-sponsored scientific field may apply.
  • The application includes a 3 page personal statement and 2 page research proposal.
  • Awardees are selected based on Intellectual Merit (academic & research potential) and Broader Impacts (leadership, outreach & communication)
  • The fellowship funds 3 years of graduate study including a stipend and educational funds.
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Beth Bowman 

Goldwater Fellowship

The Goldwater Fellowship is the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship in STEM in America. 

  • Outstanding students interested in research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering and planning to pursue a PhD in a STEM field may apply.
  • The application includes a research statement and several short questions regarding your interest and experiences.
  • The scholarship covers undergraduate eligible expenses for tuition, fees, books, and room and board up to $7,500 per academic year for up to 2 years.
  • Belmont campus contact for more information: Beth Bowman