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Career Readiness Faculty Champions

Career Readiness Academy

The Career Readiness Academy guides faculty on embedding career readiness into their classrooms. Created and facilitated by Dr. Jeremy Fyke, the program consists of two in-person sessions and two online courses. Dr. Fyke prepared and customized content for Belmont faculty based on the latest research and a needs assessment of faculty and students. Interested in participating? Contact Mary Claire Dismukes.

Career Readiness Academy Facilitator

  • Dr. Jeremy Fyke
    Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Program Director, M.S. in Strategic Communication & Leadership

Career Readiness Academy Testimonials

“The CRA was a really wonderful seminar series that has helped empower me to better teach my students the professional skills they need to succeed after school. A major component of my teaching is based around developing career readiness, and the framework for accomplishing this work that CRA provided is immensely valuable. I recommend making the time (it's just a few hours, all said and done!) to complete this academy and incorporate handy tips, tools, and enjoy the group discussion made possible.” -CRA participant

  • Dr. Jennifer Fowler
    Associate Dean Massey Graduate School of Business
    "I appreciate you coordinating this fine workshop series and I believe that it is a valuable tool for faculty in preparation and affirmation!"
  • Dr. Lauren Lunsford
    Associate Dean College Of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
    "I'd love to see CLASS faculty participate in this - it's such an important conversation!"
  • Dr. Ted Peetz
    Associate Professor Sport Administration
    "The Career Readiness Academy gave me a wonderful perspective on how to incorporate the eight career readiness competencies into my student learning outcomes. The material was practical and easy to implement. Collaborating with a number of colleagues from different academic areas really got ideas flowing! A great opportunity to think about how you are preparing students in these areas."
  • Dr. Bonnie Riechert
    Associate Professor, Public Relations
    "Thanks for the recent workshops on career readiness. I like what you said about starting the class with a promise, THEN POLICIES. I added the [eight career competencies] to all my syllabi and will discuss these intentional connections throughout the semester."
  • Amy Bryson Smith J.D.
    Assistant Professor Music Business
    "I loved the Career Readiness Academy! It helped me recognize the need to be diligent about ways to enhance my teaching with career readiness tools. And, it provided a wealth of information and career readiness activities for use in my classroom."

Career Readiness Academy Graduates

  • Trudie Abadie-Mendia
    Associate Dean, Watkins College of Art
  • Dr. Jhennifer Amundson
    Dean, O'More College of Architecture, Art & Design
  • Jamie Atlas
    Department Chair & Professor of Practice, Fashion Design & Merchandising
  • Dr. Tavajay Campbell
    Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Beverly Alleyne
    Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Dr. Paulo Boera
    Chair, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Dan Brawner
    Associate Professor of Design & Illustration
  • Dr. Leigh Ann Bynum
    Associate Professor of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Amy Crook
    Vice President for Transformative Innovation, Character, & Purpose; Assistant Professor of Management
  • Dr. Sue Curfman
    Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Lucyellen Dahlgren
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Dr. Edgar Diaz-Cruz
    Associate Professor of Pharmacy
  • Dr. James Doyle
    Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Finius Eliot, M.L.A
    Assistant Professor of Interior Design
  • Shari Fox M.A.
    Associate Dean, O'More College of Architecture, Art, & Design
  • Dr. Sarah Gardial
    Dean of the Jack C. Massey College of Business
  • Dr. Andrea Gemignani
    Visiting Professor of Legal Practice
  • Dr. Karina Hamamouche
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Eric Holt J.D.
    Assistant Professor of Music Business
  • Dr. Sally Holt
    Professor of Religion
  • William H. Hooper
    Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Holly Huddleston
    Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
  • Dr. Julie Hunt
    Associate Professor and Field Work Coordinator
  • Dr. Christie Kleinmann
    Associate Professor, Public Relations, Assistant Director of Teaching Center
  • Todd London
    CMPA, Percussion
  • Andy Matthews, J.D.
    Associate Dean for Student Services, College of Law
  • Dr. Ryan McConnell
    Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Man smiling
    Dwayne O'Brien
    Instructor of Music Business
  • Dr. Darlene Panvini
    Professor of Biology
  • Robin Paris
    Associate Professor of Photography
  • Shannon Pennington
    Professor of Practice in Fashion Design
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Pethel
    Professor of Practice, Global Leadership Studies and Honors
  • James Pierce, M.F.A.
    Dean of the Watkins College of Art
  • Dr. Mike Pinter
    Professor of Mathematics, Director of Teaching Center
  • Dr. Nick Ragsdale
    Associate Dean, College of Sciences & Mathematics Professor of Biology, University Pre-Health Advisor
  • Christine Rogers, M.F.A
    Assistant Professor of Art
  • Dr. Emily Rotich
    Biology Fellow
  • Dr. Dustin Rumbaugh
    Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Dr. David Schreiber
    Chair, Creative & Entertainment Industries Program, Assistant Professor, Entertainment Industry Studies
  • Dr. Cheryl Slay Carr
    Associate Dean CEMB, Associate Professor of Music Business
  • Dr. Kara Smith
    Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Sarita Stewart
    Assistant Professor, Creative & Entertainment Industries
  • Dr. Marnie Vanden Noven
    Associate Professor of Exercise Science
  • Dr. Mary Vaughn
    Professor and Chair, Communication Studies
  • Dr. Nathan Webb
    Associate Dean, CLASS; Associate Professor Communication Studies
  • Sara Wigal, M.A.
    Director of Publishing, Assistant Professor of Cinema, Television, & Media
  • Dr. Rachael Flynn
    Associate Professor, College of Education
  • Dr. Amy Ham
    Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
  • Tom Lowing
    Department Chair, Architecture
  • Dr. Robbie Matz
    Assistant Professor, Sport Science
  • Dr. Jim McIntyre
    Dean, College of Education
  • Dr. Andy Miller
    Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Patrick Morse
    Assistant Professor, Psychological Science
  • Dr. Adam Pace
    Associate Professor, Pharmacy Manager, College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Tim Schoenfield
    Assistant Professor, Psychological Science
  • Ronald Stroop
    Assistant Professor of Music Business