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Two female entrepreneurship students stand in front of their table at the Entrepreneurship Fair.

Careers & Outcomes

Program Service Coordinator

Program coordinators work with staff members, budgets, and procedures to ensure the implementation and success of programs. These individuals monitor staff members' workloads and hours, coordinate schedules, and plan time off. They are in charge of tracking billing payments as well as monitoring program budget limitations. It is also the responsibility of the program coordinator to make sure program plans stay within time constraints and help raise necessary funds.

Director of Donor Engagement

The director of donor engagement is responsible for designing, implementing and coordinating an institution-wide comprehensive donor engagement and stewardship system that appropriately and consistently promotes interaction with and recognition of donors at all levels.

Communications Director

A director of communications is responsible for managing and directing an organization's internal and external communications. Directors of communications supervise public relations staff, create communication strategies, and may serve as the key spokesperson and media contact for the organization.

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

The volunteer and events coordinator is responsible for volunteer recruitment, orientation, project planning, implementation and supervision of volunteer activities; and, with the assistance of the director of development, coordination of events.

Media Relations & Marketing Specialist

In an effort to keep the public informed about a company's goals, relations specialists are given the responsibility of handling communications with customers, potential investors, reporters, and other media professionals to maintain a favorable image.

Regional Development Representative

Senior Account Manager

Associate Director of Communications and Development

AmeriCorps VISTA

Peace Corps

Three graduates received Lumos Travel Grants