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Two female entrepreneurship students stand in front of their table at the Entrepreneurship Fair.

Courses & Thematic Tracks

  • PSC 1210 American Government
  • SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology
  • SET 2100 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
  • SET 3100 Junior Internship in Social Entrepreneurship
  • SET 3895 Leading Change for Social Impact
  • SET 4015 Senior Capstone in Social Entrepreneurship
  • SET 4150 Grant Writing
  • ACC 2430 Integrated Accounting Principles
  • ETP 3000 Foundations in Entrepreneurship
  • ETP 3700 Entrepreneurial Financial Management
  • ETP 4500 Venture Planning
  • MGT 3230 Business Ethics

Students will select one of the five thematic tracks allowing the student to customize their degree for the type of work they hope to enter upon graduation:

Contemporary Social issues: Encourages students to explore a variety of complex and interconnected social issues, including race, class, gender, inequality, and social justice.

Economic Development: Prepares students to engage in the process of business development as a mechanism to add economic growth and expansion.

Environmental Science: Approached environmental issues through active and integrated study of scientific and policy-oriented topics and the application of this study to the exploration of realistic solutions to environmental problems.

Faith, Culture, & Ethics: Equips students to integrate classical and contemporary theological approached to develop solutions to cultural and ethical concerns.

Global Social Entrepreneurship: Designed for students who plan to use their social entrepreneurial ambitions in a setting outside of North America. Students in this track will be advised to study a foreign language through the intermediate level and to participate in study abroad.