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Careers & Outcomes

Business Analyst

A business Analyst is a person who works with business leaders to analyze an organization and documents its business requirements, processes and systems, and assesses the business model for integration with technology.

Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person responsible for understanding trends and insights by analyzing data to help business leaders make informed decisions and improve business practices.

Database Manager

Database managers maintain the functionality and privacy of company’s database systems, which can include financial records, credit card accounts, billing addresses, and other customer records.

Information Technology Consultant

An information technology consultant (IT consultant) is an individual that provides advice, guidelines and a road map for sourcing, utilizing and managing IT assets and resources. An IT consultant provides organizations with best practices for using IT solutions and services for their business objectives and in solving their problems.

Project Manager

A project manager takes on the chief responsibility of successfully initiating, designing, planning, controlling, executing, monitoring, and closing a project. A project manager job requires someone who can wear a lot of different hats, and who has the ability to skillfully accomplish tasks through managing a team of people since many projects require more work than one person can typically handle.

Software Product Developer

Software product developers are responsible for developing new products or improving existing products so that the company can meet customers' needs more effectively. Product developers may work as part of a team, collaborating with marketing, technical and manufacturing specialists throughout the product-development process.

IT Security Analyst

Process Analyst

Project Analyst

Network Administrator

Quality Assurance Manager

Web Designer

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