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Alumni Outcomes

Graduates from our four degree programs consistently report a 98% employment rate six months after graduating. Less than two percent continue on to other graduate programs, continue to look, or return to the military.

Massey Graduate School of Business alumni hold leadership positions in a wide variety of organizations, from start-ups to global corporations, in diverse industries such as healthcare, marketing, data analytics, music business and accounting. In addition to the Massey Alumni Network, as an alum, you have lifetime access to the Massey Career Development Center.

PMBA Alumni Successes

  • Valerie R. Love
    Valerie R. Love
    Professional MBA ‘93
    Senior Vice President Human Resources at The Coca-Cola Company

    “I treasure the people that I met at Massey: classmates, faculty and staff members.  It was one of the first times I was able to live out my desire to work with others in a global context. I learned so much from a South African classmate who exposed me to a completely different view of the world.”

  • Mark Tulloch
    Mark Tulloch
    Professional MBA ‘92
    Chief Executive Officer at 7 Springs Orthopedics

    “I had a wonderful experience completing my MBA at the Massey School. I was surrounded by very supportive classmates, and professors who were challenging and encouraging. Working and going to graduate school required discipline and sacrifices but being surrounded by a great group of people who were sharing the same experience made the journey a team event and manageable. I now enjoy being an active alumnus and giving back to the next generation of leaders in Nashville.”

  • Emanuel Reed
    Emanuel Reed
    Professional MBA ‘12
    Co-Founder at Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria

    “I love that the instructors all had industry experience in addition to academic credentials.  We learned the theory, and of course it's very important, but at Massey, everything is very hands on, practical application.  That's really what I enjoyed the most, the knowledge was all coming from a real place.”

  • Louie Escobedo
    Louie Escobedo
    Professional MBA ‘16
    Corporate Growth and Innovation | New Product Development and Strategy at Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

    “In 2016, I enrolled in a Massey MBA consulting practicum course working with Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. In our partnership, we completed a strategic recommendation spanning in-depth marketing research, strategy, and business development. This impactful experience eventually led me to seek employment with LP. 

    In 2022, I had a full circle moment when I sponsored a similar group of MBA candidates as they began their strategic recommendation for two LP innovation projects. I look forward to their final recommendations.”

HCMBA Alumni Successes

  • Annalisa Baltz
    Annalisa Baltz
    Summer Business Institute | Healthcare MBA ‘17
    AVP, Medical Staff Development & Engagement at HCA Healthcare

    “The Healthcare MBA was one of the best experiences of my life. Excellent staff and colleagues made for a rich learning environment and strong local network. I will never forget my time at Massey and I have made lifetime friendships.”

  • Javier Lolora
    Javier Lolora
    Healthcare MBA ‘16
    Senior Director of Patient Access Services at Community Health Systems

    “Belmont’s Healthcare MBA program was instrumental in helping me develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a leader in today’s healthcare environment.  At Belmont you receive the quality and support needed to succeed in the business world.”

  • Jessica Florida
    Jessica Florida
    Healthcare MBA ‘16
    Group Vice President - Physician Recruitment at HCA Healthcare

    “I grew as a learner and gained the confidence I needed to do more than I ever thought I could. I would apply much of what I learned in class to work the next day.  The classmates I went through with became, and still are, my extended family.”

  • Justin Mooneyhan
    Justin Mooneyhan
    Healthcare MBA ‘18
    Senior Director of Strategy, Solutions, & Innovation at AMSURG

    “I've always been interested in the technology sector and how technology can positively impact healthcare in various ways. Gaining a wider and deeper understanding of the industry through the Healthcare MBA program gave me the insights and knowledge I needed as a foundation to apply those learnings to solve challenges with technology throughout the various organizations I have worked for.”

AMBA Alumni Successes

  • Mary Spencer Veazey
    Mary Spencer Veazey
    Accelerated MBA ‘20
    Community Outreach & Events Coordinator at The Next Door, Inc.

    “Since graduating from Massey, I have been working at a nonprofit. I took unique path compared to some of my classmates who went into more corporate roles, but no matter what type of career you have, your MBA will be very beneficial. I was able to connect with a faith mentor while I was in the Accelerated MBA program and my faith mentor is now my boss! Without Belmont, I would have never made this connection and gotten this job.”

  • Kendall Peters
    Kendall Peters
    Accelerated MBA ‘18
    Manager of Strategic Growth Initiatives - MuleSoft at Salesforce

    “I had gone to a large public university as an undergrad and enjoyed my time there, but I wanted to feel like a unique person who walked through the door each day.  I felt that way from the very beginning here at Belmont. I loved being in a small class.  Everyone’s voice could be heard, and our opinions mattered.”

  • Felix Rauch
    Felix Rauch
    Accelerated MBA ‘20
    Investment Banking Analyst at Bailey Southwell & Co.

    “I received a top-notch internship while being an Accelerated MBA student, which I was able to leverage to get a full-time investment banking job. Investment banking jobs are highly competitive, so I am grateful for every step of the way that has led me here.”

  • Daisy Buckhouse
    Daisy Buckhouse
    Accelerated MBA ‘19
    Training & Support Specialist at Hawkes Learning

    “I was drawn to the fact that it’s a one-year program with flexibility in the electives you can take. I came from a large university, so joining a program with small class sizes was a great change.  The professors are extremely helpful. And my classmates are one of the best parts of the program. Instead of a highly competitive environment, we were very collaborative. I recommend the AMBA to any recent graduate who wants a challenging environment that includes the tools for success.”

MAcc Alumni Successes

  • Dimeta Smith Knight, CPA
    Dimeta Smith Knight, CPA
    Master of Accountancy ‘01
    President & CEO | Dimeta Smith CPA LLC

    “During my Macc experience, I connected with a couple of MBA students to participate in a case competition. We developed our case and worked with professors to prepare for the competition. We won the top prize and unbeknownst to me, the judges were recruiters from major corporations. We all received job offers before finishing our graduate programs.”

  • Chris Pritchett, CPA
    Chris Pritchett, CPA
    Summer Accounting Institute | Master of Accountancy ‘19
    Assurance Senior at EY

    “The Summer Accounting Institute learning curve was very steep for me because my undergrad degree is in science. The fact that I learned what debits and credits are in May, and then took the first CPA exam in January is pretty amazing. ”

  • Rebecca Tatum, CPA
    Rebecca Tatum, CPA
    BA ’03 | Summer Accounting Institute | Master of Accountancy ‘09
    Accounting Manager-Digital Transformation at The Home Depot

    “My MAcc degree got me ‘in the door’ at a large company at a time when jobs were scarce! While the technical skills have certainly been helpful over the years, I see a greater advantage from some of the open-ended assignments we were given. Through those assignments, I learned to research technical guidance and document conclusions, develop an idea and implement it, explore technology and to always be curious and learning more. Those skills have shaped my career and continue to push me forward.”

  • Brady Plummer
    Brady Plummer
    Summer Accounting Institute | Master of Accountancy ‘09
    Chief Information Officer at Parallon

    “The exposure we have with the larger Belmont community has given me a more extensive network than I anticipated.  I really like the way MAcc and MBA students comingle in elective classes.  I remain friends with many of my peers from both the MAcc and MBA programs and have crossed paths professionally with many others.”