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Tuition & Payment Information

University tuition rates are set for each fiscal year (June 1 - May 31) and typically increase annually by normal inflation. Tuition rates, therefore, increase for those credits taken after the spring semester.

2023 - 2024 Graduate Tuition Rates

MBA Core and Elective Courses
36 credit hours total

 $1,500 per credit hour

MAcc Core and Elective Courses
30 credit hours total

 $1,500 per credit hour

Graduate Student Fee MBA and MAcc (0-3 hours) and Summer Term

 $265 per semester

Graduate Student Fee MBA and MAcc (4 - 11 hours)

 $475 per semester

Graduate Student Fee MBA and MAcc (12 + hours)

 $625 per semester

Graduation Fee - Masters

$250 non-refundable fee applied to the student account the first Friday of the term of intended graduation

Summer Accounting Institute


Summer Business Institute


Financial Aid and Payment Options 

Massey Graduate School of Business students have several payment options: scholarships, employer tuition assistance, installment payment plan programs, and student loans. Read more about your options below.

Full Scholarship Graduate Assistantships

For Fall, all students accepted by March 1, will automatically be considered for scholarships and graduate assistantships. Each scholarship includes different eligibility requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Five Full Tuition Scholarships will be awarded each academic year.
  • Full Tuition Scholarship Recipients must work 20 hours a week in a GA position throughout the academic year.

Graduate assistants offer the chance for graduate students to work within the university community and build their resumes while benefiting from a reduction in graduate tuition. These opportunities vary each academic year depending on the college’s research and administrative needs.

Partial Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships

Many partial scholarships and graduate assistantships are also awarded each year.  This number varies based on the size of the admitted applicant pool and jobs available.

All Scholarships and graduate assistants are scored on the following categories of merit, need, and diversity:

  • Academic excellence, including exceptional standardized exam scores
  • Strong professional experience exhibiting leadership or leadership potential
  • Significant Involvement in civic/volunteer/church activities
  • Strong recommendations from business/professional sources
  • Minority or international student status
  • Demonstrated financial need by completing the FAFSA.
  • Special skills & aptitudes (for graduate assistantship positions)
Belmont Bruin Alumni Grant

Beginning Fall 2023, Students who have graduated from Belmont University with an undergraduate degree earn a 20% reduction of the cost of graduate tuition. Students must complete the graduate application by the appropriate deadline and be accepted to the graduate program.  

Corporate Partners Program & Employer Direct Pay

Employer tuition assistance is an agreement between you and your employer. If your employer will be reimbursing you after your courses are complete each semester, you are financially responsible to pay for courses before the semester begins. You can pay in cash or use loans to get started, then you can roll your reimbursement checks into the future semesters. Please contact Student Financial Services at or 615-460-6403 for more information and a recommended strategy.

If your employer will pay your tuition directly to Belmont, Student Financial Services needs employer authorization to agree to Belmont's payment terms.

Further, if your employer offers any form of tuition assistance, the Massey School offers matching funds in spring and fall (up to four semesters total) through our Corporate Partners Program (CPP) for MBA programs. Visit that page for additional information.

Additional Endowed Scholarship Opportunities
  • Alumni Council Scholarship for Hardship
  • Accelerated MBA Massey Scholarship
  • Ben Rechter MBA Minority Scholarship
  • Charles R F Treadway Scholarship
  • Damon & Carrie Hininger Massey
  • Glover Graduate Scholarship for Accounting
  • Graduate Assistantship Scholarship
  • B. and Doris Massey Minority Scholarship
  • J C Massey Endowed (Nelson)
  • Jack C Massey Scholarship
  • Massey Scholars for Professional MBA Students
  • McWhorter Society HCMBA Scholarship
  • Robert Whisenant Accounting Scholarship
  • Volunteer Capital Massey Memorial Scholarship
Installment Payment Plans

Belmont, in partnership with Nelnet, offers an interest-free payment plan to all current and admitted students to assist with the cost of attendance. Semester payment plans are available for a nominal fee. The payment plan is not a loan, does not require a credit check, and does not incur interest charges. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and payments received after the 1st will incur a late fee of $40. Please click here for additional information. 

Stafford Student Loans

Graduate students who are U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan programs, which are awarded without regard to financial need. Interest accrues from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full. The maximum loan is $20,500 per academic year. If you are using Stafford Loans to pay any portion of your tuition, you should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at least six weeks before classes begin.

To determine eligibility requirements for student loans, submit the FAFSA and request that Belmont University receive a copy of the analysis. The FAFSA requires approximately six weeks to process. You may file the FAFSA online at

Veteran's Benefits

Individuals who have completed U.S. military service should contact one of Belmont’s V.A. Education Counselors at 615-460-6871 or visit The University supports a number of armed forces educational benefit programs, including the Yellow Ribbon program. Click here for information.

For any other questions regarding payment options or financial aid, please call Student Financial Services at 615-460-6403. For additional information regarding Massey School policies and degree program costs, contact the Massey School office at 615-460-6480 or