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Belmont Prospective Student Information

Bridges to Belmont Scholarship FAQ

  • What makes someone a strong candidate for the scholarship?
  • What should scholars expect when transitioning from high school to college?
  • What are the benefits associated with the Bridges to Belmont scholarship program?
  • Which MNPS high schools are eligible to nominate students for the Bridges to Belmont scholarship?
  • How do scholars choose or change majors?
  • If we are receiving another scholarship or form of financial aid, where does that money go?
  • What are the Bridges to Belmont expectations related to scholars having jobs?
  • What types of undergraduate research opportunities are offered on campus?
  • What resources are available for minority students?
  • Are there any expenses not covered by the scholarship that I should anticipate?
  • Are scholars able to study abroad while at Belmont?
  • What type of housing is covered by the scholarship?
  • What sports are offered?
  • Is the campus a safe environment?
  • What is Summer Academy?
  • If my ACT score isn’t currently good enough to get in the nursing program, can I still be considered if it changes between now and fall enrollment?
  • How will my religion impact my day to day activities on campus?
  • How do you find a good mentor?
  • What student organizations are available on campus, and how can I get involved?
  • Can I go home during breaks?
  • Can I take summer classes?