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Advising Resources for Faculty

Academic advising forms a secondary part of each faculty member’s teaching responsibility. Sound academic advising supports the learning process of students by helping students understand the value and benefit of his or her entire academic program, including BELL Core and the major, and by helping students make responsible choices within the framework of a degree program. Faculty members are expected to be informed academic advisors, with current knowledge about and attentiveness to the following:

  • BELL Core, major, and minor requirements;
  • General academic policies, including processes for filing paperwork related to a student's academic record;
  • Available resources for students with difficulties and disabilities in the Office of the Dean of Students;
  • Campus resources for career planning and other academic and personal assistance.

Although students have ultimate responsibility for their academic progress, faculty members are expected to monitor their advisees’ academic progress, including convocation requirements, working with any advisee not showing adequate academic progress to determine the cause and to seek campus resources to cope with academic or personal challenges, if necessary.

Helpful Videos

DegreeWorks Tutorial Video – (Planner Tab)

DegreeWorks Tutorial Video – (Worksheets Tab- What Students See)

Who Is My Advisor? - Video to Assist Students in Determining Primary vs Secondary Advisor

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Helpful Contacts

Blackboard and Instructional Technology:   615-460-6699
BELL Core:   615-460-6183
Belmont Honor Code:   615-460-6894
Bunch Library:   615-460-6610
Community Service:   615-460-5431
Convocation Events:   615-460-6061
Disability Services:   615-460-8531 or 615-460-6407
Growth and Purpose for Students (GPS):   615-460-5702
Honors Program:   615-460-5424
Institutional Review Board:   615-460-5452
Learning Center Coordinator:   615-460-6163
Legal Matters on Campus:   615-460-6611
Liberal Studies (within University College):   615-460-6662
Maymester:   615-460-8397
Service Learning:   615-460-5431
Student Concerns:   615-460-6407
Study Abroad:   615-460-6643