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Syllabus Statement

All Belmont University faculty are encouraged to include on their syllabus, a statement inviting students with disabilities to meet with them in a confidential environment to discuss making arrangements for accommodations.  There are several reasons using the example syllabus statement is important.  The statement makes known the university's accommodation process and helps affirm a welcoming environment for students with disabilities to request accessible services. Second, the statement creates a collaborative approach for providing legally mandated accommodations in a university setting and third, it serves as a reminder to students who need the accommodations that these arrangements are to be facilitated through the Dean of Students office, Office of Accessibility Services in collaboration with the professor.

The following is an example of a syllabus disability statement that can be used or adapted for your course syllabi:

"Any student who may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific needs and register with the Office of Accessibility Services. Office of Accessibility Services may be reached by calling (615) 460-6407 and is located on the second level of the Beaman Student Life Center within the Dean of Students office, Suite 200."