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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater
Students at a "life under the tower" event.

University Plan

Vision 2020 

Visit the official website for the University's strategic 5-year plan.

Vision 2015 

In 2015, Belmont University will be a community characterized by:

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and action;
  • Students who see service as the method for achieving meaning in life;
  • Seeking positive change and growth at every opportunity;
  • Increasing evidence of the Christian character of the university;
  • Engagement with and service to the Nashville community that is unmatched by any other institution of higher education – Belmont is “Nashville’s University.”

The core components of Belmont Vision 2015 are:

Engaging Students in Transformative Learning
We will continue to enhance academic excellence through rigorous, innovative and engaged student learning.

  • The liberal arts and Belmont’s nationally recognized general education program will continue to be strengthened and will serve as the heart of the university.
  • Existing and new programs will focus on bringing together the best of liberal arts and professional education to prepare students for 21st century careers and graduate education.
  • We will continue to build a faculty body where each individual is committed to innovative and effective teaching and is active in scholarly inquiry, professional growth, and university service.
  • We will become the best in the world at engaging our students in service learning, internships, and community service as our students match their purpose, gifts and talents to world needs.
  • Students will increasingly study abroad, study away, conduct student research and be immersed in other engaged learning experiences.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for student learning through leading-edge assessments of learning.

Spiritual Development
Belmont University will uphold Jesus as the Christ and as the measure for all that we do.  Our hope is that every student will see that belief in God empowers a life of disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith.

  • Growing opportunities for Christian learning and service in academic coursework and student activities;
  • Increasing numbers of students involved in weekly worship, prayer and Bible study;
  • More collaboration between Belmont and outside Christian organizations.

Enrollment Growth and Student Success
Numbers, qualifications, and success of students will continue to drive Belmont into the top 5 in our U.S. News & World Report category rankings.

  • 7,000 student headcount;
  • Average ACT of incoming freshman of 27;
  • Freshman to sophomore retention rate of 88%;
  • Graduation rate increases to 75%.

Increase Diversity and Cultural Competency
We will become increasingly more diverse and broadly reflective of our local and global communities.

  • Create a culture of inclusion;
  • Actively and intentionally recruit diverse faculty, staff, board, and students;
  • Ensure learning experiences that enable students to gain strong intercultural competency.

Build a World Class Learning Environment
The university will continue to aggressively upgrade facilities.

  • Under construction:
    • Complete Pharmacy/Psychology/Physical Therapy Building plus 450 parking spaces
    • Complete 409 additional residential spaces
  • New Construction:
    • School of Law
    • Athletic Fields
    • Conference Center
    • Science and Religion
    • Residential Space
    • Renovation of Current Spaces
    • Belmont Heights Concert Hall
    • Tower Restoration
    • General Classrooms
    • 1,000 Parking Spaces
    • Mall/Plaza Development
    • Dining Facilities

We will also take every opportunity to acquire property in our growth area.

Fiscal Strength
Budget to create non-restricted net income of 20% of operating revenues.

  • Improve bond rating to A3;
  • Achieve top one-third rate of return on endowment in comparison to other universities;
  • Increase donor base to 4,000;
  • Double the endowment to $125 M
  • Increase alumni giving to 30%.

Efficiency and Cost Control
Belmont will utilize monetary resources in a highly efficient and effective manner to make this a major strength of the university.

  • Reduced carbon footprint and energy costs;
  • Refine work processes that yield higher quality and lower cost.

Technologically Capable
We will focus intensively on how to utilize information technology to increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Fully Engaged and Well Compensated Faculty and Staff
Belmont people are fully engaged in challenging and demanding work and will share in the financial success of the university as salaries meet and exceed peers. Compensation will increasingly be tied to performance excellence.

New Products and Enhancement of Current Programs
We will develop a series of new educational services that will enable us to further diversify our offerings, and we will enhance current programs as needed to sustain our leadership-edge in model educational programming.