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Belmont USA in Washington D.C. Online Application Process


Prior to completing the application, please review the Admissions Requirements for Belmont USA in Washington D.C.: Washington Internship Institute.


Belmont Application - October 1 for the Spring Semester, January 1 for the Summer Semester, April 1 for the Fall Semester

Online Material Submissions
  • Application Form: Complete Belmont USA in Washington D.C.: Washington Internship Institution Application Form. Your resume is a required part of the application.
  • Internship Coordinator Checklist: To be completed by the internship coordinator for your major: Internship Coordinator Checklist
  • Faculty Recommendation: To be completed by your academic advisor or any other faculty member in your major: Faculty Recommendation Form

    Note: To avoid delays in the application process, we recommend that you email your internship coordinator and advisor with a link to this page. If the internship coordinator for your major is also your advisor, please have another faculty member complete the second recommendation.
  • Video Submission: Submit a 2-3 minute video telling the admissions committee why you would be a good candidate for Belmont USA in Washington D.C. Introduce yourself, explain why you want this internship opportunity and describe your plans for taking advantage of the opportunity once complete. Email your video submission to Vicki Allen: 
  • Washington Internship Institute Application: Application to the Washington Internship Institute is a two-part process. After submitting the above listed materials, your application and eligibility will be reviewed by Belmont USA staff. If approved by Belmont, you will need to apply directly to the Washington Internship Institute here.
Application Review & Acceptance
Upon review of your eligibility and application materials by Belmont USA and acceptance by the Washington Internship Institute, you will receive an email of your acceptance.  If accepted, this email will contain two signature documents that you must sign electronically and a reminder to pay your deposit by the due date specified.
  • Student Participation & Acceptance Agreement
  • Belmont USA/Washington Internship Institute Disclosure and Release Agreement
  • A non-refundable program deposit of $500 must be received on the date indicated in your acceptance notification to reserve your place in the Washington Institute program. This payment can be made by either e-check or credit card through your myBelmont account. if the deposit is not received by the date indicated, you may forfeit your place to a student who is wait-listed.