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Belmont East-West

Belmont East-West Online Application Process

Prior to completing the application, please review the Admissions Requirements for Belmont East-West


September 15 for the Spring Semester/February 1 for the Fall Semester

Online Material Submissions
    • Application Form: Complete the Belmont East-West Application Form. Your resume is a required part of the application.
    • Internship Coordinator Checklist: To be completed by the internship coordinator for your major: Internship Coordinator Checklist.
    • Faculty Recommendation: To be completed by a faculty member in whose class you have been a student. This can be your academic advisor only if you have also had class with this professor: Faculty Recommendation Form
      Note: To avoid delays in the application process, email your internship coordinator and advisor the jotform links above. If the internship coordinator for your major is also your advisor, please have a different faculty member complete the faculty recommendation.
  • After all application materials are submitted, you will be contacted about scheduling an interview with the admissions committee to discuss your qualifications.
Application Review & Acceptance
Upon review of your eligibility and application materials by the Belmont USA admissions team, you will receive an email of your acceptance, denial or wait-list status for the Belmont East-West program.  If accepted, this email will contain links to signature documents, a medical information form and instructions for paying your deposit by the due date specified. A non-refundable program deposit of $500 must be received on the date indicated in your acceptance notification to reserve your place in the East/West program. If the deposit is not received by the date indicated, you may forfeit your place to a student who is wait-listed.