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Admissions Requirements


In order to be eligible for study in Belmont East/West, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed 64 hours and/or be of junior standing
  • Be in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing at the time of application AND when the program starts
  • Have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative institutional grade point average (3.0 preferable for Washington Internship Institute) at time of application AND at start of program
  • Students on academic or disciplinary probation cannot participate in Belmont East/West, even if such probation occurs AFTER acceptance to the program.
  • Students who plan to attend Belmont East/West the semester of graduation MUST complete all convocation credits (except for community service) by the deposit deadline in the semester prior to program participation.
  • Students who become ineligible after acceptance for any of the above reasons MUST pay the program fee balance.
Selection Process
  • Classification, overall GPA and preparedness for the program are considered in the selection process for up to 30 spots in each location both fall and spring semesters. A short interview is required.
  • Students not meeting minimum qualifications and/or with prior academic or non-academic infractions may be eliminated from the application pool.
  • The remaining students who meet minimum qualifications (who are not selected for participation) are put on a wait-list. If a student declines, a student from the wait-list is notified and offered the opportunity. Students with prior East or West participation may be deferred to allow a student who has not yet attended the opportunity to participate in the East/West program.