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Belmont Service Year

Belmont Service Year

The Belmont Service Year is an intense, year-long experiment in service and community life. 

Students live in the 15th Ave Community, a Belmont-sponsored intentional Christian community, while devoting a significant portion of their weeks to community service and partnership, primarily within the boundaries of Edgehill, a neighborhood that borders Belmont.

In the 15th Ave Community, students share meals, common possessions, and space, while also reading, praying and reflecting together.

In Edgehill, students work with the Community Garden, tutoring programs, community centers and the library, as well as other places.

The Belmont Service Year is a true “theological exploration of vocation” experience, offering students a year to escape the pressure of careers and futures to reflect on what it means to embrace “the other,” both in the context of community life and service in the local neighborhood.

BSY is inspired by such programs as MissionYear, the  Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and the New Monasticism.

For more information, contact Associate University Minister, Micah Weedman.