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2017 Immersion Trips!

  • Los Angeles, CA (UM) $450.00—an urban immersion into the cares and concerns of disenfranchised populations in Los Angeles, including service and learning among the homeless, immigrants, and other diverse communities. For more info, see:  
  • Liberty, KY (UM) $200.00*—an immersion into the life of vulnerable children at an orphanage in rural Kentucky. For more info, see:
  • Memphis, TN (UM) $250.00*—an urban immersion into diverse communities in Memphis, with emphasis on community development and urban education. For more info, see:
  • Appalachia, WV (College Service Project + UM) $250.00* a construction service opportunity with Appalachia Service Project, working on construction and home repair for folks who cannot afford such repairs. For more info, see:
  • St. Louis, MO (Reformed University Fellowship + UM) $450.00* an urban immersion exploring community development and race relations in light of an urban church’s mission. For more info, see:
  • Memphis, TN (Wesley Fellowship + UM, March 3-7) $40.00 exploring inner-city health care and community development. For more info, see:
  • Knoxville, TN (Baptist Collegiate Ministries + UM) (March 3-8) $200.00. an urban immersion in Knoxville, part of a 5-year commitment to the service and ministry in the major cities of Tennessee. For more info, see: 
  • Nicaragua (Belmont Catholic Community + UM) $1500. Comprehensive community development, education and standard of living service and ministry opportunity. For more info, see: 

*these prices are current estimates,  actual costs may be lower.

Follow this link to register for any Immersion trip.



Interested in being a student leader, or a staff advisor for an Immersion trip? Please email Micah Weedman at