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Spring Break registration has ended. Please check back for new service trip opportunities!


Spring Break 2018 Locations

Casa Por Christo- Acuna, Mexico

 A typical family in Acuña earns $60 a week, often times being employed by a local factory or maquila. With an average family size of four, this income is barely enough to survive and provide for their most basic needs. Public education is not free, causing families to struggle to provide the money needed for uniforms, books, and tuition. Due to the lack of income, there is rarely any money left over to purchase materials to help build adequate housing. Through building homes Casas Por Cristo helps relieve this burden of housing so that families can focus their income towards providing food and education for their family in order to help break this cycle.

A Casas por Cristo mission trip is an opportunity for people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds to come together to build a home for a family in need. No prior building experience is necessary to work on a team – just a desire to serve the Lord and the people of México Our team will build a three-room home for a family in need. 


Los Angeles, California

From the Hollywood neighborhood, the storytelling capital of the world, DOOR Los Angeles focuses on the often debilitating and stereotypical "single stories" of "the homeless," "the gang member," "the celebrity," "the blacks and whites," or any expression of "those people," while reflecting on how Jesus often challenges our perceptions through parables. Los Angeles is also the epicenter of the nation's homelessness and human trafficking issues, and Hollywood holds real-life scenes of immense wealth amidst a silent chorus of many individuals who have failed to achieve the American Dream. Come to Los Angeles and see what is just outside the camera frames; hear testimonies from people doing all they can to make it here; be fed and hosted by a local Latino population; and see the face of God when we all tap into our vulnerabilities, together.


Miami, FL

At the crossroads of North America, South America, and the Caribbean, Miami is a mix of cultures, languages, economic differences, classes, and nationalities. Within a few blocks, you can try Cuban food in Little Havana while listening to conversations in Spanish, encounter buildings covered by colorful murals in Wynwood while hearing music in English, and take in Haitian music seasoned with Creole in Little Haiti.

Against this diverse background, our focus will be on redefining service through discussions about faith, solidarity, and compassion while witnessing the contrasts of economic status, class, and nationalities in Miami.


Border Servant Corps – El Paso, TX

Belmont will be partnering with Border Servant Corps in El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico. Border Servant Corps promotes and demonstrates justice, kindness, and humility through the intentional exploration of community, simplicity, social justice and spirituality in the U.S./Mexico border region. Our team will speak with first generation immigrants, visit local organizations working with immigrant populations, meet with the Border Patrol to learn about the realities facing border protection and law enforcement, and learn about the realities of life for those living on the border. 


Appalachia Service Project

In June of 2016, Greenbrier County, WV was hit by catastrophic flooding. The situation was reminiscent of the 2010 Nashville floods; no one was prepared for a natural disaster of this nature in the middle of Appalachia. Many homeowners were without flood insurance, leaving them with almost nothing and insurmountable repair costs to their homes. Appalachia Service Project (ASP) is a Christian home-repair ministry that facilitates volunteer labor in completing repairs for low-income families in remote regions of Appalachia, free of cost to the homeowners. ASP was serving the families of Greenbrier County prior to the floods and remains committed to the recovery of this region, even as the initial shock and media excitement has worn down. 

Our team will spend the week living and working in Rainelle, WV. We will spend our days working on a hands-on construction project and building relationships with flood victims. In the evenings, participants will have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of the region, visiting throughout town and learning more about the rich culture and history of Rainelle from visiting speakers and guests. 


Galilean Home – Liberty, KY

The Galilean home in Liberty, KY exists to help those that need help and love those that need love.  In a family oriented setting, the Galilean home provides housing and care for those who find themselves in need of a home whether for a short amount of time or for a lifetime.  Our team will learn more about their ministry, play with children, cook meals, and help to make life easier for those who regularly live and serve at the Galilean Home.