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Logo Downloads

Belmont University partners with Strategic Marketing Affiliates to manage the university’s licensing program and to establish a foundation for promoting and protecting the use of all institutional marks.

Belmont University’s art sheets may be found here:

• Belmont Logos
• Belmont Departmental Logos
• Belmont Mascot
If you would like to request a Belmont logo, a departmental logo or a mascot graphic, please:
  1. click one of the links above to view a sheet.
  2. choose your logos or graphics.
  3. email the Office of University Marketing and Public Relations to request your logo or graphic

Students, faculty and staff may download institutional marks by accessing their account on myBelmont or by emailing the Office of University Marketing and Public Relations

If you are using myBelmont, please follow these steps:

  1. login to your account.
  2. go to the campus services tab in the navigation bar.
  3. scroll to University Marketing>>Belmont Logos.
  4. follow the directions for download.

For specific questions regarding Belmont’s licensing program or to become a Belmont licensee, please contact Tony Johnson at 317.829.5690 or send him an email