Following are some frequently asked questions that many RN's have when considering a BSN completion program:

Is the program flexible enough to meet the needs of an RN who works full-time?

YES! We offer convenient scheduling arrangements. RN-BSN students may choose to progress through the program as full-time or part-time students. The School of Nursing offers selected RN-BSN nursing courses on a one day a week schedule.  Some RN-BSN course content will be available online.

Is the program affordable?
YES! The tuition rate for all RN-BSN courses is $515.00 per credit hour. In addition, students can earn 34 credit hours via escrow. RN's have the opportunity to gain credit for NUR 2040 (Health Assessment) by challenge process, and NUR 4410 (Adult Health Nursing II) by a portfolio review process.

As a licensed RN, do I really have to do clinicals?
YES and NO. No, they will not be like the clinicals you remember from your first program! But yes, there will be required clinical learning experiences. For example, most of our RN-BSN students have not had a community-based clinical course and will therefore benefit from a Community Health Nursing experience. However, the other clinicals required in our curriculum may be individualized to meet your specific learning needs. Indeed, most of our RN-BSN students prefer to create their own clinical experiences based on their individual background and learning objectives.