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RN to BSN Curriculum

You must complete 128 total credit hours to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. 

RN's validate 30 credit hours
by taking NURS 2240/ Pathophysiology. Courses credited through this validation process include:
  • NUR 2410
  • NUR 3000
  • NUR 3210
  • NUR 3410
  • NUR 4210
  • NUR 4310
  • NUR 3140

General Education Requirements: 67 hours

Computer Proficiency

The following courses in Psychology:
Junior Cornerstone General Psychology

Fine Arts

Lifespan Devlopment or

Humanities Human Behavior and Social Environment


Abnormal Psychology
Speech Communication
Math The following courses in Biology:
Social Sciences Biology
Wellness Anatomy and Physiology I
Writing Anatomy and Physiology II

Nursing Major: 31 Hours