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Summer Orientation Guidebook

What is Summer Orientation and why is it important?

Summer Orientation is a required two-day introduction to Belmont for new students and their guests. During your time on campus you can expect to: 

• Get to know Belmont’s beautiful campus
• Take placement tests to prepare you for Belmont academic placement (*only School of Music Students) 
• Learn about the university’s rich history, mission, vision and values
• Familiarize yourself with campus resources, student support systems and engagement opportunities
• Experience campus dining and community life including (for students only) an overnight stay in a residential life community
• Meet incredible current students, faculty, and staff as well as other incoming students who are ready to embrace, explore, and engage Belmont University


Registration for Summer Orientation will officially open on January 22. You will receive an email notifying you of when and how to register. Students must submit the enrollment deposit in order to register for Summer Orientation. Summer Orientation will take place between June 10-21, and sessions occur in successive two-day sections in those two weeks on Monday through Friday. You will be able to select which two days work best for you when you register.

Specific dates are as follows:

  • Transfer-Only Session A: June 10
  • Session 1: June 11-12
  • Session 2: June 12-13
  • Session 3: June 13-14
  • Session 4: June 17-18
  • Session 5: June 18-19
  • Session 6: June 19-20
  • Session 7: June 20-21
  • Transfer-Only Session B: June 21

Note: If you are unable to attend any June Orientation session, we offer a one-day student only course registration experience during Welcome Week. We strongly encourage students to attend the June Orientation sessions in order to experience the full orientation program; however, this abbreviated session in August provides the same opportunity for students to register for classes. For First-Year and Transfer Students, please follow the registration instructions below to register for your Summer Orientation session.

Transfer Students

Summer Orientation is designed for both first year students and transfer students. However, we realize that transfer students are entering Belmont with specific needs. Therefore, we have created a Summer Orientation session that is specifically for transfer students; transfer students have the option of attending one of two transfer sessions. During this Summer Orientation session, transfer students will register for classes, meet other transfer students, and hear from key Belmont faculty and staff. Transfer students will need to register for the June 10 or June 21 one-day Summer Orientation Session. Similar to first year students, transfer students will receive an email with specific registration information starting in March after the student has submitted their enrollment deposit. 

Registration for Summer Orientation

Online registration opens in March and students who have submitted an enrollment deposit to Belmont University will receive an email from

Students register for Summer Orientation through their MyBelmont account.  Click here for instructions on how to create a MyBelmont account and register for Summer Orientation

Students must submit their enrollment deposit before they can register for orientation.


1). Create your MyBelmont Account. Your MyBelmont account is your student portal. You will use it daily at Belmont. Please make sure to make note of your username and password when you create it. Follow these instructions to create your MyBelmont Account:

a. Locate your BUID 
b. Go to 
c. Click "First Time Users" located under the Login button. 
d. Enter your BUID, birthdate, and last four of your social security number. 
*Note: If you encounter an issue, attempt putting 0000 for your social security number.)

2). Register for Summer Orientation
a. Log into your MyBelmont account 
b. On your MyBelmont home page, click on “Sign up for your Summer Orientation Session” located in the middle of the page. *Note: If you do not see “Sign up for your Summer Orientation Session”, click on the click here button located next to “Not seeing your account information” 
c. Complete the Summer Orientation Registration form and click submit

Wait List

To maintain a quality experience for our new students each session is limited. Registration is based on a first come, first registered system. Once a session has reached its capacity the session will automatically close to new registrations. 

If you are unable to register for your preferred session please register for your next choice.  After registering for your next choice session email and request to be put on the wait list. In your email please note your first and last name, your BUID, your preferred dates, and the reason for the accommodation.

The wait list is evaluated on a weekly basis beginning May 1, 2019 and all final decisions will be made by June 1, 2019.

What happens at Summer Orientation?

Day 1

Registration begins around 8 a.m. Students will attend multiple sessions narrating the story of the “First-Year Experience” revolving around educational investment, classroom activities, co-curricular activities and other elements of the first year. Music majors and math majors will take placement tests on Day 1 for academic placement in classes. Students and parents will also take tours of their residential communities and explore Belmont dining options on campus. In the evening, students will begin the student-only portion of the orientation process. Students will have an opportunity to meet current students and socialize with fellow new bruins during the fiesta dance party!

Day 2

Students will continue the student-only portion of orientation by meeting with an academic advisor, completing academic planning and registering for their fall classes. Meanwhile, parents will begin the parent-only portion of orientation with information sessions and receptions revolving around parent needs. Around noon, parents and students will reconnect for travel home. We encourage families to not book flights earlier than 2:30 p.m.

For a more detailed Summer Orientation schedule, click here!

Packing List

During Summer Orientation students only stay on campus in the residence halls. For students arriving the evening before their scheduled session, early arrival housing is available. All first-year students stay the evening between their two days. Evening social programming is provided so that students are able to meet their future classmates.

• For all early arrivals, food will not be provided, please bring cash for food
• Comfortable clothes and shoes (casual)
• Linens, pillows, towels, and toiletries for on-campus stay
• AP/IB scores or dual enrollment transcripts (if applicable)
• Health Form
• Laptop for course registration. We will have extra computers for students who do not have a laptop.

How to Register for Classes

Students will meet with academic advisors on Day 2 of Summer Orientation to plan and register for their fall semester classes. Advisors partner with students to create an ideal schedule that also meets all degree and Bell Core (general education) requirements. A video highlighting what to expect when navigating the online class registration system will be added to the Pre-Orientation Checklist

Travel & Accommodations

To find the best route to campus, click on the Belmont web page for driving directions. Free parking is available to all Orientation guests in the the Baskin Center Garage on Day 1 or in the Janet Ayers Academic Center Garage on Day 2. A map of campus parking can be found here.

To create a unique student experience, students stay on campus for Summer Orientation while parents are asked to find other accommodations. The city of Nashville offers many wonderful hotel and housing accommodations for Parents and Guests. Visit the Hotel Listings & Discounts page for specific lodging options.

Still have questions?

Check out the below list of frequently asked questions to see if we can help you out. Still needing help? Feel free to contact one of Belmont’s key offices to get your specific questions answered. We are always eager to help!

New Student Orientation Office

Residence Life

Student Financial Services

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for Towering Traditions Orientation?
The $250 orientation fee for all new incoming freshman and transfer students is deducted from your enrollment deposit. Therefore, there are no further charges for Orientation. When attending Towering Traditions, we suggest bringing a small amount of cash for the campus store or local shops and restaurants.

How I sign up for the Towering Traditions Orientation Programs?
Students sign up for Towering Traditions Orientation through their myBelmont account. This is the same account Belmont students use to access important university information. Once students have submitted their enrollment deposit, they will receive an email containing specific instructions on how to register for Summer Orientation. This email will be sent to the email address provided on the student’s admission application. For students entering in the Fall semester, orientation registration opens in March. For students entering in the Spring semester, Orientation registration opens in November.

I'm having technical problems registering online, can someone help me?
If you are having technical problems, please contact the New Student Orientation Programs by emailing or calling 615-460-8529.

When I created my myBelmont account, I learned there's a hold on my account. What do I do about this?
All incoming students have an advisor hold that will be released after meeting with their academic advisor during Summer Orientation. The hold will not affect your ability to register for Summer Orientation.

Can First Year Students attend a Transfer Student Summer Orientation sessions & vice versa?
First Year Student and Transfer Student orientations are distinct programs that are uniquely designed for each group. You may only attend your assigned program.

Do I need to attend Summer Orientation in June and Welcome Week at the start of the academic year? What's the difference between the two?
YES! Summer Orientation is primarily an academic orientation session and Welcome Week is a celebration of your first week on campus! You can refer to the specific pages for information on programming within Summer Orientation and Welcome Week.

What if I cannot attend Summer Orientation in June?
While it is best to attend Summer Orientation in June, Welcome Week provides all of the necessary academic requirements for registration. Most students find it more convenient to register during Summer Orientation since Welcome Week course registration occurs less than seven days before the start of the academic year.

What if I cannot register for my preferred Summer Orientation session?
To maintain a quality experience for our new students each session is limited. Registration is based on a first come, first registered system. Once a session has reached its capacity, the session will automatically close to new registrations.

If you are unable to register for your preferred session, please register for your next choice.  After registering for your next choice session email and request to be put on the wait list. In your email, please note your first and last name, your BUID number, your preferred orientation dates, and the reason for the accommodation. The wait list is evaluated on a weekly basis beginning May 1, 2019, and all final decisions will be made by June 1, 2019.

If I am coming for a later session, will I not be able to get the classes I need?
Absolutely not! As each new session starts, the university incrementally opens class seats to provide an equitable opportunity for all students to register for courses. Your time with your academic area during Summer Orientation is designed to give you an idea of what your course options are and what might be the best choices for your first semester.

How can I verify I'm signed up for Towering Traditions and how do I make changes to my original registration?
Your myBelmont account indicates the events that you are signed up for. You can make changes to your Orientation registration directly through your myBelmont account. If you need assistance with changing your registration, please contact the Office of New Student Orientation Programs at or 615-460-8529.

If I am a student coming by myself the night before, is there somewhere for me to stay? Will there be anything for me to do?
Students arriving early must simply indicate on their Towering Traditions registration that they will need "early arrival housing." This communicates to us that you will be there the night before your Summer Orientation session begins. We will have a relaxed and informal program in the evening at 7 p.m. for those early arrivals to meet each other, play games, have snacks and meet the Orientation Council. For Spring Orientation, there are no on-campus accommodations available because students are in residency during that time.

Where do students stay during Summer Orientation?
Students stay in one of Belmont's newest residence halls, Patton Hall, with suite-style bathrooms.

Does Belmont provide shuttle service from the airport? If not, do we have any options?
No, Belmont University does not provide a shuttle service. Yes, there are numerous options in your travels to Belmont. Visit Driving Directions for suggested methods of transportation to Belmont.

Are linens, blankets and towels, provided or do we need to bring them?
Linens and towels are NOT provided for students. Please bring a towel, sheet, pillow and other necessities for your stay on campus.

Are meals provided?
Yes, most meals and snacks are provided during Summer Orientation (parents included) and Welcome Week.

How do I get a campus map for my visit?
A campus map will be provided for you for all portions of the Towering Traditions Orientation Program. Before you come explore the campus with the Interactive Map.

Schedule Questions

What time does Summer Orientation events begin and end each day?
For first year students, you can expect Orientation programs to begin daily between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and to end around 8 p.m. on Day 1. Day 2 will end around 1 p.m. For travel, we suggest you do not schedule plane flights to return home before 2:30 p.m. at the earliest. For Transfer Students, the day begins around 8 a.m. and will be completed by 5 p.m. For travel we suggest that you do not schedule flights to return home before 7 p.m. For a more detailed schedule, click here!

Summer Orientation check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center. Welcome Week check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center. Spring Orientation check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center.

Academic Questions

How do I get placement test questions answered?
Often, you will not be required to take a placement test if you have submitted your SAT/ACT scores. If you have a question regarding an assessment, email

Can a student register for classes without going through Summer Orientation?
Students who do not attend Summer Orientation cannot register for courses until August during Welcome Week.

Parent & Family Questions

Do parents stay with their students during Towering Traditions? 
Parents do not stay with their students during Towering Traditions. We provide a listing of great hotels and accommodations that offer discounts to the parents and families of Belmont students.

What do parents do during Towering Traditions?
Parents will participate in a unique and engaging concurrent orientation experience within both Summer Orientation and Welcome Week.