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Fall Semester

Fall Semester

Higher Education research has demonstrated the importance of the academic and social integration into the university environment.  Belmont provides a vast network of support systems to help each new student get connected to the campus, community, and resources that will assist in student success from the very first semester.

The First Year Experience is structured around the philosophy of empowering new students by assisting them in making the necessary connections to campus resources and support structures.  As students progress in their academic career they will be equipped to navigate the university on their own as upperclass students.  The institution balances between challenging and supporting the new student as he or she acclimates to a new environment.  In the first semester, our emphasis is on supporting the new student while continually introducing a challenging environment that will holistically develop them.

BE: Belmont Essentials

Belmont Essentials is a designed to help new students with the transition to Belmont University.  Belmont uses national higher education research to focus on common transitional challenges many new students face.  The program provides new students with skills and knowledge to help them succeed at Belmont.

This convocation series covers seven different topics in seven weeks.  Each week, one convocation program is offered two to three times on different days and at different times, allowing more students the opportunity to attend.  Each week, students can earn one convocation credit in the personal growth category for attending the BE: Belmont Essentials series.

Student Engagement (BE: Engaged) 

Focuses on the connection between student success, involvement, and engagement in co-curricular activities.

Resiliency Bootcamp (BE: At Ease) 

Helps students to understand basic resiliency skills to address stress and anxiety which can aid in student success.

Spirituality (BE: Faithful) 

Includes all the Emerge Spiritual emphasis week organized by the Office of University Ministries.

  • Click here for a schedule of events provided by the Office of University Ministries.
Physical Health (BE: Nutritious) 

Centers around the importance of nutritious eating habits that help fuel the body and mind.  Nutrition plays a key role in allowing a student to succeed to their highest potential.


Concentrations on the importance of healthy living, activity, and involvement opportunities during your collegiate experience.  Opportunities such as intramurals and club sports have positive impacts on student success, leadership skills, and team building.  The Week also includes the intramural flag football tournament and other activities.

Money Management (BE: $mart) 

College may be the first time when a student has to budget, track expenses, and encounter choices in spending habits.  Helps students understand basic principles of money management.

Academic Support/Navigation (BE: Prepared) 

Helps equip students with academic resources and support services that assist in student academic success.  In addition, students will explore connections between their academic major and their future.

Leadership Opportunities 


  • BruinLink is the best way to get connected to on-campus student clubs and organizations.
  • RA Programs & Events: These are events that RAs sponsor in your complex. They can be both social and educational and are great ways to meet new people and learn new things!  Check them out!
  • Service through University Ministries
  • Immersion Trips through University Ministries
  • The MOB (School spirit & athletic support): Motivational Organization of Belmont. This group faithfully cheers on our athletic teams. They are always looking for members!  Anyone can join just contact the athletics office or look for the craziest fans in the stands to find out how to join.
  • Convocation: It’s more than a graduation requirement it’s a way to learn something new that you never thought you would. Step out of your comfort zone will attending “convos” and gain a new perspective on something.
Campus Events 

  • Life Under the Tower
  • Greek Recruitment: Every September you have the opportunity to rush a Sorority or Fraternity and being part of a tight knit community that represents some of the best of Belmont.
  • Fall Follies: This student run production is a Belmont tradition that takes place each fall. It is a fun, upbeat variety show with skits, music and lots of laughter all based on Belmont events and students. Seats are limited and people start lining up 1 hour before the doors open.
  • First on the Floor 
  • Homecoming
  • Greek Sing
  • Bruin Den Day