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Pre-Orientation Homework

Pre-orientation homework is intended for parents who want to prepare for their attendance at Foundations just like their students who complete Freshmen Pre-Orientation Homework. 

Parent Pre-Orientation Homework is for parents and family members regardless of attendance at Foundations in June.  The homework contains:

  • Areas and topics significant to the enrollment process
  • Important information about your student’s membership in the Belmont community
  • And helpful information as your student transitions to Belmont.

Your role is important in the success of your student and we want to equip you with the foundational information that will help your student be successful. We’ve grouped topics together that will help you navigate information about your student’s transition to Belmont.  

The links below contain consolidated information on each area with links to the office websites if you have more questions.

Welcome to the Belmont family!

Academic Support
Academic Advising
BELL Core Curriculum
Office of the Registrar

Campus Engagement
Convocation Program
Getting Involved
Residence Life
Study Abroad
University Ministries

Health & Safety
Belmont Pharmacy
Campus Security
Health Services

Office fo Career and Professional Development
Counseling Services
Dean of Students
Disability Services
Student Financial Services

Student and Family Transitions
Alternative Transportation Options and Campus Parking
Staying Connected
Transitioning to Belmont