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Dean of Students

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office the Dean of Students provides general leadership and support for the student experience and campus life. It serves students' success and the campus community in four general areas.

Administrative Support for the Division of Student Affairs

As the university's Senior Student Affairs Officer, the Associate Provost & Dean of Students provides general oversight of the student experience and leadership to the personnel, programs, and services of the Division of Student Affairs. 

Student Information & Advocacy

The Associate Provost & Dean of Students Office serves students by communicating to them regarding the university's life and work, soliciting their input and desires regarding their university experience, responding to their questions, complaints, and concerns, and representing their best interests in university planning and decision making.

Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

The Associate Provost & Dean of Students Office provides accountability and support regarding the University's Code of Conduct.   Students are expected to conduct themselves, inside and outside the classroom, in a manner that exemplifies our Community Commitments of Personal Integrity, Individual Worth, Critical Thinking, Self Control, and Community Responsibility. The University’s adjudication process is designed to support the educational mission of the university. Additionally, the disciplinary process seeks to maintain a safe and healthy campus community for all individuals to live and learn. The policies outlined in the Bruin Guide and other respective areas of the university are established to foster an atmosphere of academic success as well as personal growth. Actions and behaviors that contradict our Community Commitments or outlined policies are subject to review within the University’s adjudication process.

Bruin GuideThe Bruin Guide communicates critical information about student rights and responsibilities and prepares students to be successful in negotiating the policies and procedures of campus life.

Community Commitments - As an expression of the institution's vision, mission and values, Belmont students commit themselves to Individual Worth; Personal Integrity; Critical Thinking; Self-Control; and Community Responsibility.  The Community Commitments form the foundation of policies found in the Bruin Guide.

Substance-free Community Policy – Belmont is a substance-free community.  The University’s commitment to a substance free campus is strong and its response to violations is deliberately assertive and will likely include a separation from the University.  The Substance-free Community Policy can be found in the Bruin Guide.

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations – a federal or state drug conviction can disqualify students for Financial Student Aid funds for the sale or possession of drugs.

Academic Honor System - The members of the Belmont University community seek to provide students a high-quality education while encouraging in the entire community a sense of academic integrity. We believe that trust is a vital part of this enterprise and that self-discipline and responsibility to one another are also essential elements. We also believe that any instance of dishonesty is a violation of the values of the Belmont University community.

Student Support and Disability Services

Institutional support for students at risk and specific resources and accommodation for students with disabilities are managed by the Associate Provost & Dean of Students Office.

Requesting an accommodation – information on how to request an accommodation can be found through the “Disability Services” section of the Parent Pre-Orientation Homework.