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Counseling Services


Belmont University is committed to providing professional counseling through the Office of Counseling Services.  This essential program equips students to manage life transitions as well as serious emotional issues.  The goal is to help students choose healthy coping skills. Confidential services are provided at no cost to students with specialized attention to college students' unique needs. Counseling Services’ primary focus is on general and emergent care of mental health concerns. While clinicians possess a wide range of specializations, Counseling Services is not intended for long-term, chronic therapeutic treatment.

Scope of Services

The Office of Counseling Services is the psychological equivalent of a family medical practice. It is important to recognize that Counseling Services is not intended to treat complex, chronic disorders.  The office will help students who clearly require or request such treatment by aiding in obtaining services off campus.

Initial consultation and evaluation of concerns is offered to every student.  Subsequently we provide treatment when we are able to do so within the limits of the staff’s expertise and referrals to those who will benefit from a wider scope of services.  Students who need more long-term, specific, or comprehensive care are referred to a variety of clinical practitioners, specialists, and treatment facilities in the community.

Contacting Parents:

  • If a student has threatened or attempted suicide, a Belmont Counseling Center staff person or a Belmont administrator will notify the parents and discuss the incident. In some cases, the university may require the student receive treatment at home.
  • Similarly if a student reports intent to harm someone else a Counseling Center staff person or a Belmont Administrator will contact parents.
  • In the case of a student returning home for treatment, the university will require the student to provide a statement or documentation from the treating professional that a return to college is safe and appropriate.

New Students and Finding a Local Specialist

Students who have a treatment team at home (psychiatrist, therapist and nutritionist) and/or who are on medications to treat an emotional disorder should replicate that team in Nashville by looking at the Counseling Services website for needed resources.  The Counseling Services staff is happy to collaborate with you about needed referral recommendations. 

Entering freshmen and transfer students needing such services have found it very helpful to contact local psychiatrists or treatment facilities as soon as their admission has been approved. Waiting to establish care until school begins can create delays in care. Scheduling ahead of the peak times in a city with several universities avoids a distressing delay when an emergency happens.

Making the Transition to College

We believe that it is also vitally important for students to be compliant with the medication routine they have established at home.  Often the excitement and freedom associated with entering a college or university interrupts this routine which could lead to a medical and/or emotional crisis.

Make sure that releases of information are signed so that the student’s therapeutic team in Nashville and at home can communicate in the event of an emergency.

Note: The student and/or student’s family is financially responsible for off campus psychiatric services or specialized treatment.

Contact Information

Our services are free to students and a code of confidentiality is strictly maintained. We are located on the 2nd floor of the Gabhart Student Center.  Our hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday.  Our phone number is 615-460-6856

Consultation during Foundations

For your convenience, Counseling Services will be available for consultation by appointment during Foundations regarding transitional care needs.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please call 615-460-6856 to make an appointment for a consultation.  Please book your appointment prior to Foundations.  We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, referral to specialists, or other specific mental health concerns.