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Tower Team Leaders

The core of the orientation experience features Tower Team Leaders. These student leaders complete over 90 hours of training on how to support new students through their transition to Belmont during the fall semester.

In August, 200 Tower Team Leaders guide each Tower Team of 10 or more new students through Welcome Week -- the exciting week of social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical activities.

Tower Teams are comprised of First-Year Student groups and Transfer Student groups to meet the different needs of our new students.

Summer Staff 

Summer Staff serve during Summer Orientation in June to provide assistance to new students as they navigate their academic planning and meet other new Bruins for the first time. 

Read the Summer Staff job description

> The application process is currently closed and will open in early January 2018. Applicants interested in Summer Staff must first apply to become a Tower Team Leader. 

Interested in becoming a Tower Team Leader?

First-Year Tower Team Leaders will serve a group of 10-20 first-year students and Transfer Tower Team Leaders will serve a group of approximately 25 transfer students.

Read the TTL job description

> The application process is currently currently closed and will open in early January 2018. 

Application Process and Timeline: 

To apply for the Tower Team Leader position, click on this link: Link Will Be Provided in early January 2018.

Phase 1A: Online Application | Online application opens in early January and closes in Mid-January.

Phase 1B: Submit TT Video | All applicants must submit a 15-30 second video with their TT application. Instructions for video are located on the online application.

Phase 2: Group Processing | Applicants must attend 1 of 4 Group Processing sessions. 

Session Dates & Times:


Dates will be listed in early January.

Phase 3: Individual Interviews | Each applicant will have a 15-minute interview. Interviews will take place in January and February 2018.

Multiple Student Leadership Policy

As we aspire to be exceptional at engaging and educating students, the Division of Student Affairs believes that in order to maximize the student's potential and to ensure the success of each organizations, a student may hold only one concurrent executive leadership position as defined by the Division of Student Affairs, at a time.

Executive leadership positions as defined by the Division of Student Affairs include the following positions within the following organizations:

  • Student Government Association (SGA) President and Vice President
  • Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) Executive Board
  • Orientation Council
  • Towering Tradition Leaders
  • Greek Council Officers: IFC, NPC, NPHC (President, VP Recruitment)
  • Fitness and Recreation Student Coordinators
  • Bruin Recruiter President
  • Note: Resident Assistants who wish to participate in an executive leadership position listed above must first recieve approval from upper administration in Residence Life.