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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions most frequently answered throughout Towering Traditions Orientation. If you have other questions, please email or call the Office of New Student and Parent Programs at 615-460-6407.

General Questions

Is there a fee for Towering Traditions Orientation?

The $150 orientation fee for all new incoming freshman and transfer students is deducted from your enrollment deposit. Therefore, there are not further charges for Orientation.

We suggest bringing a small amount of cash for the bookstore or local shops and restaurants.

How I sign up for the Towering Traditions Orientation Programs?

Students sign up for Towering Traditions Orientation through their BU4U account.  This is the same account and system used for your admission to Belmont.  Students will receive an email to the email address provided to the Admissions Office when they applied.  The email will be sent after the student's enrollment deposit  has been processed and registration for orientation opens.  The email will contain specific instructions on how to sign up for orientation. 

For students entering in the Fall semester orientation registration opens on March 12th.  For students entering in the Spring semester orientation registration opens in November.

I'm having technical problems registering online, can someone help me?

If you are having technical problems, please contact the New Student Orientation Programs at 615-460-6407.

When I created my MyBelmont account, I learned there's a hold on my account---what do I do about this?

All incoming students have an Advisor Hold that will be released after meeting with their academic advisor during Summer Orientation. The hold will not affect your ability to register for Towering Traditions.

Can First Year Students attend a Transfer Student Summer Orientation sessions & vice versa?

First Year Student and Transfer Student orientations are distinct programs that are uniquely designed for each group. You may only attend your assigned program.

Do I need to attend Summer Orientation in June and Welcome Week at the start of the academic year? What's the difference between the two?

YES! Summer Orientation is primarily an academic orientation session and Welcome Week is a celebration of your first week on campus! You can refer to the specific pages for information on programming within Summer Orientation and Welcome Week.

What if I cannot attend Summer Orientation in June?

While it is best to attend Summer Orientation in June, Welcome Week provides all of the necessary academic requirements for registration. Most students find it more convenient to register during Summer Orientation because during Welcome Week course registration occurs no earlier than the day before the start of the academic year.

If I am coming for a later session, will I not be able to get the classes I need?

Absolutely, not!  As each new session starts the university incrementally opens class seats to provide an equitable opportunity for all students to register for courses.  Your time with your academic advisor during Summer Orientation is to give you an idea of what your options are and what might be the best choices for your first semester.  While the options become more limited, you should be more than able to get the courses you need to start your time at Belmont off right!

How can I verify I'm signed up for TT and how do I make changes to my original registration?

Your BU4U account indicates the events that you are signed up for.  You can make changes to your orientation registration directly through your BU4U account.  If you need assistance with changing your registration, please contact the Office of New Student and Parent Programs at or 615-460-6407.

Travel & Accommodations

If I am a student coming by myself the night before, is there somewhere for me to stay?  Will there be anything for me to do?

Students arriving early must simply indicate on their Towering Traditions registration that they will need "prior night housing."  This communicates to us that you will be there the night before your Summer Orientation session begins.  We will have a relaxed and informal program in the evening at 7:00 pm for those "early arrivals" to meet each other, play some games, have some snacks and meet the Orientation Council.

For Spring Orientation there are no on-campus accommodations available because students are in residency during that time.

Where do students stay during Summer Orientation?

Students stay in one of Belmont's newest residence halls, Patton Hall, with suite-style bathrooms.

Does Belmont provide shuttle service from the airport? If not, do we have any options?

No, Belmont University does not provide shuttle service.  Yes, there are numerous options in your travels to Belmont. Visit Driving Directions for suggested methods of transportation to Belmont.

Are linens, blankets and towels, provided or do we need to bring them?

Linens and towels are NOT provided for students. Please bring a towel, sheet, pillow and other necessities for your stay on campus.

Are meals provided?

Yes, most meals and snacks are provided during Summer Orientaion (parents included) and Welcome Week.

How do I get a campus map for my visit?

A campus map will be provided for you for all portions of the Towering Traditions Orientation Program.

Before you come explore the campus with the Interactive Map.

Schedule Questions

What time does Summer Orientation events begin and end each day?

For First Year Students, you can expect orientation programs to begin daily between 8:00 am and 9:00 am and to end around 8:00 pm on Day 1. Day 2 will end around 1:00pm. For travel we suggest you do not schedule plane flights to return home before 1:30pm at the earliest.

For Transfer Students, the day begins around 8:00 am and will be completed by 5:00 pm. For travel we suggest that you do not schedule plane flights to return home before 7:00pm at the earliest.

Schedules are available for First Year Students and Transfer Students on the Summer Orientation webpage.

Where do we go on campus to check-in for Towering Traditions and where do we park?

Park in the Curb Event Center parking garage or at the Inman parking garage located beneath the Inman Health Center.

Summer Orientation Check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center.

Welcome Week Check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center.

Spring Orientation Check-in will be in the Beaman Student Life Center. 

Academic Questions

How do I get placement test questions answered?

Often, you will not be required to take a placement test if you have submitted your SAT/ACT scores.

Can a student register for classes without going through Summer Orientation?

Students who do not attend Summer Orientation cannot register for courses until August during Welcome Week.

Parent & Family Questions

Do parents stay with their students during Towering Traditions?

Parents do not stay with their students during Towering Traditions. We provide a listing of great hotels and accommodations that offer discounts to the parents and families of Belmont students.

Where can we get a list of hotels close by?

Belmont has a list of hotels that offer discounts for Belmont parents and families. Click the link for Hotel Listing & Discounts.

What do parents do during Towering Traditions?

Parents will participate in an unique and engaging concurrent orientation experience within both Summer Orientation and Welcome Week. Click the link for New Student Parent and Family information.