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Steve Simpler

Steve Simpler

Janet Ayers Academic Center 2013
Phone: (615) 460-6444

I have a keen interest in innovative teaching methods that I implement in a Junior Cornerstone course called Questions that Matter.  Junior Cornerstone classes are the focus of my teaching now. These courses are a required part of Belmont's General Education curriculum and they offer a different class experience for both students and professors. My area of professional interest is contemporary pedagogy and I present papers and workshops in this area at professional meetings. I also enjoy reading the classics of literature and currently have a fascination with Russian novels.

When I’m not teaching, I am hopelessly addicted to fitness activities including running, cycling, and yoga. I love snowshoeing in the mountains and enjoy cross country skiing although I'm not very good at the sport unless falling down frequently counts as success.

I have a small home in Montana where I spend part of each summer fly-fishing in cold rivers and roaming through meadows in the mountains to indulge my passion for natural beauty. I've been lost only once when I turned my map upside down and didn't notice it until it was too late. Cell phones don't work in the mountains. Long story.

I've cooked for my family for years and continue to study ways to create healthy meals. I make all of our bread from scratch. Italian and Mexican are my favorite foods to cook. One of my sons is a trained chef who gives me plenty of advice on how to improve my cooking. In cooking, you can eat your mistakes and they still taste pretty good.

My iPod is full of contemporary jazz with a bit of Lyle Lovett. Every now and then (like every afternoon) I crank up some Jimi Hendrix or other serious guitar music to maintain my sanity. And I do like classical music when I'm in a contemplative mood.