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Dane Anthony

Dane Anthony

Janet Ayers Academic Center 2018
(615) 460-6519

I teach because I have to.  That is, the deeply personal engagement that occurs in the learning process, in the classroom and the one-on-one conversations in the hallway, office, or over a cup of coffee is what I’m made to do.  I often describe the way I know when I have been fully present in an event, be that teaching, a conversation or a group is that at its conclusion, I am equally exhausted and exhilarated.  I have been at Belmont nearly 25 years in a variety of capacities from University Minister to Associate Dean of Students to faculty member.

My current teaching load is divided between New Testament/Film courses in which we explore the ways in which modern scriptwriters and directors continue to explore the thematic teachings of Jesus, such as Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Redemption.  I also serve as the Field Education Advisor for College of Theology and Christian Ministry Interns.  Both of these foci are uniquely engaged in conversations about meaning, purpose and the pursuit of those places in which the truths of the Gospels intersect our lives, whether it is a conversation about how filmmakers are exploring atonement theories, or deeply personal conversation around vocational questions.  


M.Div., Midwestern Theological Seminary
B.S., Missouri State University

I write and speak frequently to the “transitional issues of parents of new and rising college students” through my work with College Parent 101.