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Ben Curtis

Dr. Oliver Ben Curtis

Janet Ayers Academic Center 2007
Phone: (615) 460-6316

I grew up in the Deep South during the WWII years. Life was slow and simple: radio, baseball, shelling peas on the front porch. My father was a civil engineer, my mother was a nurse. I was the middle of three children. School, church, and neighborhood were the communities that formed me.

Somewhere in high school I decided to become a minister. I was fascinated with the study of the Bible. Later, I was fascinated with how this applied to the dilemma of being human. Still later, I learned how to sit and listen to the story of another person. Much later, I learned how to track that story in the unraveling of God's presence in ordinary moments. Over time, I learned to picture a person as the image of God who is carrying a hidden seed - only time and experience and suffering and grace invite that seed to emerge.

That is what I try to do in every course I teach: establish the conditions (inquiry, reflection, honesty, safety) where seeds are beginning to sprout. It works.

Raising two bright children and living with an even brighter wife and being trained by three Golden Retrievers has been my best laboratory in learning. God has been good to me. Belmont has been a fun place to do serious work. 


Ph.D., Baylor University
C.P.E., New Orleans Baptist Hospital
B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A., Mississippi College
Post-Doctoral Study: Vanderbilt Divinity School, University of Oxford, The Jung Institute, Sewanee School of Theology

Programs of Study

Academy for Spiritual Formation
Shalem Spiritual Guidance
Haden Institute Dream Training
American Association of Pastoral Counselors: Fellow
Center for Courage and Renewal: Facilitator