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Faith and Culture 2019

The Sixth Annual Faith and Culture Symposium, sponsored by the College of Theology and Christian Ministry will be held at Belmont University, Feb. 4-8, 2019.

Our annual symposium works to sustain an ongoing conversation relating to faith and culture. By inviting speakers who shape and participate in the national conversation on religion and public life, the university-wide conversation is carried forward and informed by academic and congregational dynamics.

Symposium speakers represent this integration as their own devotional and worship practices have shaped them to see more clearly things about ourselves and our world in need of healing. Their work holds up to us a kind of mirror to help us see as well. This theme also raises questions about what a contemplative presence in the world looks like and how we can bring such a posture into spaces of brokenness to make a difference with compassionate and just action, bearing witness to Christ and God’s loving presence around and within us.

Schedule Coming Soon