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Vision, Purpose and Goals

Department Vision

The Department of Theatre and Dance believes in the transformative power of art and is committed to developing the compassionate, well-rounded artist, possessing a professional work ethic and a desire to serve the greater community through art.


To mentor students in the development of their artistic skills, creative abilities, and critical faculties by providing them with a solid foundation of history, theory, technique, and practical experience.

  1. To structure a program rooted in specific terminology and technique for undergraduate students pursuing theatre and dance as a profession.
  2. To provide classes and performance opportunities for students majoring in other fields.
  3. To contribute to the cultural and artistic environment of Belmont University and the Nashville community.
  4. To create partnerships and outreach opportunities with local, national, and international theatre and dance companies.
  5. To provide students with a means to explore and affect the larger community through the performing arts.
The Department of Theatre and Dance is committed to a liberal arts foundation as an effective means of preparing students who want to pursue theatre as a life’s work. This commitment is reflected in the system of training that stresses the collaborative and inter-disciplinary nature of the theatrical performance and production process. The department offers two programs of study. The first is the Bachelor of Fine Arts model which requires intensive focus in four emphasis areas; Performance, Directing, Production Design, and Theatre Education. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is designed to prepare students for professional careers in a variety of performance, design, or educational-related fields or for graduate school in the case of the Directing emphasis. The second is the Bachelor of Arts model, which requires that students be exposed to the cultural, socio-political, and historical knowledge that serves as the core of the theatrical tradition and current professional standards.

The Department of Theatre and Dance also offers a Dance Minor. The Dance Minor is a program designed for the student who would like to continue the study of dance while pursuing a major in another discipline.

The BFA has four emphasis areas including:
  • Performance
  • Directing
  • Production Design
  • Theatre Education
The emphasis area for Performance, Directing, and Production Design in the BFA has a total of 128-129 total hours consisting of:
  • Theatre core – 22 hours
  • Emphasis coursework - 29 or 30 hours
  • Supportive Coursework - 20 hours
  • Elective Coursework – 13 or 14 hours
  • General Education – 43-44 hours

The emphasis area for Theatre Education is a licensure program in the BFA has a total of 130-131 total hours consisting of:

  • Theatre core – 21 hours
  • Emphasis coursework - 29 hours
  • Education Coursework - 29 hours
  • Elective Coursework – 8 hours
  • General Education – 43-44 hours