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Dance Minor


The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a Dance Minor consisting of 22 hours of dance instruction. Dance students have 12 hours of Dance core including The Dance Experience, Kinesiology, Dance Performance, and Composition I. The remaining 10 hours are Technique classes with a focus on 2 specific techniques. The technique areas offered include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern. A total of 17 different course selections are available to dance minors. Belmont has courses available for everyone including the novice dancer to the seasoned veteran. Every semester is capped with a dance performance choreographed by student and faculty members in the dance program.

The Dance faculty boasts an impressive roster of celebrated dance professionals, including Choreographers, Technologists, Educators, Production Designers, and Acclaimed Performers. Their primary focus is on the artistic, intellectual, and professional development of each dance student. Performance opportunities are available in both dance performance and musical theatre productions.

The Dance minor is an option for every student. Entrance into level II or level III classes requires a placement audition or the professor's approval. Placement auditions are held at the beginning of every semester on the Monday before classes begin.

See Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions.

Please fill out the Dance Audition Form if you are interested in attending a Dance Placement Audition. The exact time and location of the auditions will be sent after receipt of the form.

If interested in pursuing a Dance Minor at Belmont, please submit the following Dance Minor Information Form.

Questions may be directed to Debbie Belue at dance@belmont.edu.