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BFA in Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance

Our Town - Fall 2016


  1. Appreciate theatre-making as a cultural event which is ultimately poetic, operating metaphorically by offering layers of meaning in order to represent, question, and impact an infinitely complex world.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of theatre history, literature, theory, and the various collaborative artists that contribute to the design and production process.
  3. Engage in the theatrical rehearsal and performance process both as an exploration of human life and as a deeply meaningful act of human communication.
  4. Analyze text, personalize a role with imagination, and be able to perform creatively, in a variety of theatrical styles individually or as an ensemble in a practical professional setting.
  5. Embrace the process of storytelling inherent in the creation of theatre through the synthesis of the analytical, performance, and production process.

The Performance Emphasis is designed for students who are interested in a career as a professional actor in theater and other performance mediums. The Performance emphasis will prepare students to compete and succeed in the continually evolving world of entertainment performance, giving students the flexibility and skill sets needed to survive and work in a variety of entertainment fields. The Performance emphasis will prepare students for the diverse challenges of graduate studies and professional employment in a broad range of entertainment related careers.  

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