Belmont Abroad Ambassadors


Are you interested in studying abroad and want to discuss it with someone who has been there before? Belmont Abroad Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their study abroad experiences and are here to provide you with a student perspective of both short-term and semester-long study abroad programs. They can talk to you about what it is like to study, live, and travel abroad… Please reach out and email our Belmont Abroad Ambassadors with questions- they want to hear from you!

Africa (Maymester)
Kate Kelly
Daniel Gilani
Argentina (Maymester)
Grant Moore
Morgan Fisher
Biblical World (Maymester)
Shannon Cooney
Joanne Hart
Brazil (Maymester)
Kaitlyn Hitchcock
Edgar Guerin
Erika King
Cambodia (Spring)
Jessica Fleury
Libby Franck
Canada (Summer)
John Ashburn
Cassia Kisshauer
Central Europe (Maymester)
Jessica Schulz
Jameson Murray
China (Summer)
Grace McCaw
Leena Patel
Cuba (Spring Break)
Brennon Mobley
France (Summer)
Liam Keitz
Maddie Herreid
Germany (Summer)
Stephanie Ray
Julie Ann Snelling
Haiti and the Dominican Republic (Maymester)
Turner Gerbig
Kelsey Hawkins
Hawaii (Maymester)
Kristen Ashley
Taylor Lees
Ireland (Summer)
Betsy Brewer
Monica Moser
Italy (Maymester)
Allie Brightwell
Erin Weber
Lauren Fox
Italy & Switzerland (Maymester)
Krissy Czosnowski
heather Johnson
London (Summer: CCSA)
Chloe Brookshire
Hallie Caddy
Mary Claire Couch
Maria Martino

Spain (Valencia) (Summer)
Caleb Cunningham
Amy Farar
Jesse Jacobsen
Ian Watson

Spain (Valladolid) (Summer)
Rachel Butler
Anthony Manker
Natalie Seale

Switzerland (Maymester)
Rachel Harmon

Turkey (Maymester)
Farah Manjiyani

Semester and Other

Emily Cox : Tanzania, Spring Semester 2013
Raleigh Dale: Florence, Italy, Spring Semester 2013
Palmer Durham: St. Andrews, Scotland, Fall Semester 2014
Nicole Latham : Australia, Fall Semester 2012
Mike Sbarra: Florence, Italy, Summer 2013
Linnea Weber: Florence, Italy, Spring Semester 2013