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Are you interested in studying abroad and want to discuss it with someone who has been there before? Belmont Abroad Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their study abroad experiences and are here to provide you with a student perspective of both short-term and semester-long study abroad programs. They can talk to you about what it is like to study, live, and travel abroad… Please reach out and email our Belmont Abroad Ambassadors with questions- they want to hear from you!

Maymester and Summer Ambassadors

Belmont in Africa (Maymester)
Lauren Bellatti
Cooper Eppes
Meghan Perdue
Belmont in Mendoza, Argentina (Maymester)
Morgan Horn
Belmont in Berlin (Summer)
Haley Culpepper
Tucker Dowell
Belmont in the Biblical World (Maymester)
Chalice Fischette
Brianna Fischette
Belmont in Cambodia (Maymester)
Erin Cantrell
Meg Shufflebarger
Belmont in Central Europe (Maymester)
Kelsey Edgar
Lindsey Espe
Blake Pendergrass
Belmont in China (Summer)
Katy Coffer
Oliviah Johnson
Belmont in Costa Rica (Maymester)
Meg Anderson
Jacob Denbrock
Belmont in France (Summer)
Naomi Bartlett
Maggie Etchard
Ali Lewber
Belmont in Germany (Maymester)
Amanda Conway
Joshua Stark
Jake Townsend
Belmont in Greece (Maymester)
Sydney Baldwin
Bailey Tichenor
Belmont in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (Maymester)
Karissa Jones
Annah Grace Smith
Belmont in Hawaii (Maymester)
Hayley House
Kiana Meradith
Kristen Sturdivant
Belmont in Ireland - Entrepreneurship (Maymester)
Jen Baiada
Rachel Barbeau
Chloe Hindy
Grace McCawe
Suzanna Stapler
Belmont in Ireland (Summer)
Stephanie Boshea
Taylor Embry
Carli Gonderinger
Mackenzie Groff
Sally Ann Jones
Scott Jung
Melanie Mozer
Grace Watson
Belmont in Italy (Maymester)
Ashley Roberts
Johnny Woo
Angela Allen
Kelsey Hall
Aubrey Downing
Belmont Month in London (Summer)
Olivia Baker
James Handy
Sarah Summerbell
Alexis Tarver
Belmont in London (Theatre) (Maymester)
Taylor Bloom
Carly Byer
Nyazia Martin
Brittany Reese
Logan Todd
Belmont in Pine Ridge (Maymester)
Cruze Goodin  
Belmont in Spain (Valencia) (Summer)
Kathryn Canning
Hannah Loporchio
Jaclyn Tomlinson
 Kayla Upchurch 
Belmont in Switzerland (Maymester)
Rachel Bryan 
Semester and Year Long Program Ambassadors
Zoey Bloom
Curt Brown
Katherine Foreman
Allison Harpole
Hannah Latone
Danielle McCleave
Evan Metcalf
Mikaila Minott
Lindsey Perkins
Lily Scott
Paul Shaw