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Before You Go

Here are some next steps to prepare for your time abroad:

> Complete post-acceptance forms
Once you receive an acceptance via email from the Office of Study Abroad, you are required to complete the post-acceptance forms below:
  • Student Participation Agreement
  • Disclosure and Release Form

You must print out, sign and return these forms to our office (Fidelity 210) prior to departure

> Submit courses for evaluation
For exchange, direct-enroll and affiliate semester, yearlong and short-term programs, submit the courses you wish to take abroad for evaluation. In order to find out how foreign coursework will count at BU, students are required to submit each course they take overseas for evaluation.  A BU faculty member within a specific department relevant to the foreign course will evaluate the coursework and determine its BU equivalent.  The faculty member will determine based on course information and a syllabus (if available) what specific major, minor or general education requirements the course will fulfill. 

> Review the passport and visa requirements
Review the passport and visa information page.  Make sure you are aware of the specific visa requirements for your program country and that you have a valid passport 6 months past the end date of your program.  A student visa is often required for semester programs and your application could be required 90 days before your program start date. 

> Attend Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation
You are required to attend the Mandatory Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation before you are allowed to participate on your study abroad program.  Details about the date and time of the Belmont Abroad Orientation will be sent via email (typically the orientations occur at the end of the semester prior to program start date). 

> Secure Financial Aid and/or Scholarships
If you plan to utilize financial aid and/or scholarships to pay for a portion of your abroad program make sure you have contacted Hilda Enriquez in Student Financial Services to inquire about your specific funding situation.  

> Enroll in Study Abroad courses
After being accepted into your study abroad program, it will be your responsibility to register for study abroad courses.  You will be notified via email when course registration is open for study abroad courses and be provided the appropriate CRN numbers.  For students going on exchange, direct-enroll and affiliate semester, yearlong and short-term affiliate programs, you will be responsible for submitting each course you enroll in overseas for evaluation (link to credit transfer).  All study abroad students must enroll in at least one study abroad course to participate in a program. 

> Pay for your Tuition and Program Fees
Students are billed through Student Financial Services.  Students will be billed for tuition when they register for courses and will receive a separate charge(s) for the costs related to program fees.   If parents participate in TMS, this can be used during the semester but not over the summer.  All tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to departure.  If bills are not paid, students are at risk of having their schedules dropped. 

> Research your program destination
Read local newspapers, purchase a guidebook, engage with international students from that country.

> Have questions?
Check out our FAQs for prospective students and financing study abroad, travel resources and health and safety information.  If you'd like to chat with past participants, contact our Belmont Abroad ambassadors- these students are eager to share about their experiences and provide helpful tips!   

> Connect with Belmont Abroad
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