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Study Abroad Programs with courses in Chinese language:
Belmont in China: China Then & Now

June 7, 2016 - June 28, 2016
This program introduces you to the vast story of China, including historical, religious, business, and cultural sites from Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou and Xi'an.  Included are experiential activities at the Forbidden City, the home of Confucius in Qufu, Qingdao's coastal businesses and culture, the Shaolin temple and Longmen Buddhist Grottoes in central China, homestays with Zhengzhou university faculty and 'nights out' with university students, a visit to FoxConn (maker of iPhones), the terracotta underground army of China's first emperor in Xi'an.
AREA OF STUDY: Asian Studies, Third Year Writing, Religion Junior Cornerstone, Humanities,  Chinese Language, Psychology, Organizational Management, International Business, Global Studies, Experiential Learning
CONTACT:  Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn or  Dr. Qingjun (Joan) Li or  Dr. Dennis Chen

Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange Partner): Hong Kong, China
Spring/Fall/Academic Year
The mission of Hong Kong Baptist University is to provide quality higher education in a Christian environment, combining broad-based liberal education with academic and professional vigor.
AREA OF STUDY: Arts, Business, Mandarin Chinese Language, Communications, Science, Social Sciences and Visual Arts
CONTACT: Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn
Lingnan University (Exchange Partner): Hong Kong, China
Spring/Fall/Academic Year
Choose from a variety of coursework at this liberal arts University in Hong Kong.
AREA OF STUDY: Accounting, Mandarin Chinese Language, Finance, Humanities, Management, Marketing, International Business, Languages, Visual Arts, Economics, Political Science, Sociology
CONTACT: Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn