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Study Abroad progams that include courses in Nursing:

Belmont in Cambodia: Nursing Studies Abroad
May 2015
Immerse yourself in Cambodia's culture while learning about healthcare in a developing country.
FOCUS: Nursing
CONTACT: Susan Taplin, MSN FNP BC or Emily Morse, MSN,RN

Belmont in Switzerland: Junior Cornerstone or Community Health Nursing in Geneva, Switzerland

May 11, 2015 - June 1, 2015
This three-week program, centered in Geneva, Switzerland, offers two options for study abroad: Option I offers nursing students the opportunity to pursue their Community Health Nursing Clinical in Geneva, with a focus on international public health issues. Option II offers all eligible students the opportunity to fulfill a Humanities-based Junior Cornerstone while studying the history and culture of Geneva, including literary works by some of Geneva's more famous English visitors. 
FOCUS: Humanities Jr. Cornerstone, Third Year Writing, Community Health Nursing Clinical
CONTACT: Dr. John Paine or  Dr. Ruby Dunlap or  Dr. Andrea Stover