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Global Health with Live Beyond

In a unique parternship with Live Beyond, an organization founded by Brentwood, TN trauma surgeon Dr. David Vanderpool, this Maymester Global Health program combines classroom experiences with volunteer work at the Live Beyond facility. Join us for this 10-day immersion experience and work closely with Dr. Vanderpool, his staff and other volunteers as you develop a better understanding of how to promote the health of the world's peoples.

Activities include:

  • participate in a multi-day clinic directed by health care professionals
  • engage in recreational and educational activities with orphans from the Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice
  • Educate mothers-to-be at the Maternal Health Program in Thomazeau, Haiti
Program Dates:
Maymester Study Abroad: May 19 to May 30, 2014

Interest Meeting:

Students enroll in one to three of the following courses:

REL 3950: Questions That Matter (Jr. Cornerstone, Third-Year Religion, Path A or B) )3 hours)
LIS 3950: Global Health Survey (3 hours) (counts as a social science in the general education curriculum)
ENG 3950: Third Year Writing (3 hours)

  • Open to qualified Belmont students
  • Students can be from any discipline
  • Undergraduate students need GPA of 2.5 or above

Maymester 2014 Tuition and Fees: Three to nine hours of tuition offered at the special Study Abroad rate of 1/3 the cost of normal Maymester tuition. For every 3 hours of study abroad credit you register for, you pay for only one hour.

Additional Program Fee: $2,500 (approximate). What does this include?


Undergraduate: Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn three to nine hours of Belmont University credit.


Application Deadlines:

January 31, 2014

Faculty Contacts:
Dr. Martha Minardi