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Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Belmont in Pine Ridge: FULL

Justice & Reconciliation in the Lakota Sioux, Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Cultures

This is a pilgrimage to the Lakota and Crow reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming and to Yellowstone National Park and the Black Hills. The natural environment gives meaning to their ways of life.  The purpose of this program is to listen for hints and insights into what reconciliation and justice might look like for American Indians and American Christians in community with one another.

Activities and excursions include:

5 days at the Lakota Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota
•    Experience cultural activities
•    Visit Wounded Knee and worship with Lakota people
•    Engage elders and artists from the community

3 days in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota
•    Visit Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse
•    Experience Wind Cave, Devils Tower, and Sylvan Lake
•    Hike the Badlands

4 days at the Shoshone/Arapaho Wind Reservation in Wyoming
•    Experience a sweat lodge
•    Take a trail ride into the Wind River mountains
•    Experience Shoshone and Arapaho culture and art, including 10,000 year-old Petroglyphs

4 days at Yellowstone National Park
•    Experience a customized Discovery program with our own Ranger/guide
•    See Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
•    Hike through geysers and mountain ranges
Program Dates:
Maymester Study Away: May 7 to May 26, 2017

Interest Meeting:

Students enroll in one or both of the following courses:

REL 3950: Questions That Matter (Jr. Cornerstone, Third Year Religion Path A or B) (3 hours)
This is a problem based learning course that focuses on the complex nature of selected religious questions and the multiple ways people can address these questions.

ENG 3950: Third Year Writing (3 hours)
An advanced writing course required of all Belmont students, which builds on skills students are asked to develop in ENG 1010 and their other General Education classes.

  • Open to qualified Belmont students
  • Students can be from any discipline
  • Undergraduate students need GPA of 2.5 or above
Costs: Program Fee + Tuition

1) Program Fee: $5,000: Includes all airfare, housing, meals, student insurance, group events and excursions.

2) Belmont Tuition: Tuition is charged at the special study abroad tuition rate of 1/3 the cost of normal Maymester tuition. For every 3 hours of study abroad credit you register for, you pay for only one hour.


Undergraduate: Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn three to six hours of Belmont University credit.


Application Deadlines:

February 1, 2017

Faculty Contact:

Dr. Andy Watts

Dr. Robbie Pinter